Cause Branding Digest, June 23, 2015

Posted on June 23, 2015 by Havas PR

Time to Hit the Corporate Social Responsibility ‘Reset Button’
(Forbes, 31.05.15)

It is only a slight overstatement to say that over the last several decades corporate social responsibility “CSR” programs have become commonplace within many large companies and financial institutions, particularly those who have investments abroad. This is especially the case for sizeable private foreign firms operating in emerging markets, where enterprise-sponsored initiatives aimed at facilitating economic development are seen as avenues for business to “do well by doing good.”

New Demand Driving Sustainable Food Growth
(Marketing Week, 29.05.15)

Sales of organic and locally sourced foods are on the increase and the wider food industry is once again looking to sustainability as a differentiator, with McDonald’s and KFC making new sourcing commitments, but brands still have work to do to convince consumers.

10 Steps to a Dynamic Corporate Responsibility Annual Report
(Entrepreneur, 28.04.15)

Knowing how to develop and launch a successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program and branding your CSR efforts are two very different things. Although there are numerous ways, one of the best ways to effectively brand your program is through an annual report outlining the efforts and accomplishments of the previous last 12 months. While every annual CSR and sustainability report looks different, the goal is the same: to captivate, inform and excite your reading audience.

5 Ways to Promote a Giving Corporate Culture All Year Long
(Triple Pundit, 25.03.15)

You know that feeling you get when you’ve given someone the perfect gift. You watch in anticipation as she unties the ribbon and unwraps the box. You see her face light up with joy and excitement, and you have a connection that brings you closer together. It’s these moments of connection that create harmony in the world.

“First and foremost, you have to believe what you’re saying.” —Paul Farmer

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