Consumer/Lifestyle Branding Digest, April 6, 2016

Posted on April 6, 2016 by Havas PR

Girl-Powered: Elizabeth Banks’ Comedy Site Is Open for Business and Brands
(Ad Age, 04.04.16 )

Star’s female-driven content platform debuts as women’s issues reach critical point in marketing, advertising, entertainment and tech.

Kellogg’s Pushes Cereal for Breakfast in Masterbrand Campaign
(AdNews, 24.03.16 )

Kellogg has launched a new digitally led masterbrand campaign, as it looks to push consumers to re-evaluate cereal for breakfast.

No Place to Hide: Three Ways Brands Can Face Fearful Consumers and Embrace Radical Transparency
(Forbes, 08.03.16 )

In today’s world, citizens are plagued by the all-too-constant soundtrack of terrorism worries, mass shootings, and race and gender relations. This “age of the fearful consumer” has created a paradox, according to a new U.S. study (fielded by my parent company, Havas Worldwide): While people are looking to businesses to help solve society’s problems, they’re also fretting over the fact that corporations have more power than some countries.

Top Sensory Marketing Trends for 2016
(Marketing Week, 18.01.16)

Marketers will need to think beyond just visual and audio advertising to get the attention of consumers, according to experts.

“Your brand is a combination of a customer’s experiences with your business at every touchpoint.” —Elaine Fogel

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