Consumer/Lifestyle Branding Digest, January 13, 2016

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Havas PR

Apple Tops Consumers’ List of Most Relevant Brands: Survey
(Forbes, 11.01.16)

Apple tops the list of a new brand ranking—but perhaps not for the reasons you’d expect.

Four Ways to Make Your Marketing More Shoppable
(Marketing Week, 11.01.16)

Net-a-Porter, House of Fraser and The Guardian are linking the online and offline worlds to engage with their customers more effectively. We look at the key ways brands can make the most out of shopper marketing in 2016.

Looking Ahead: Gen Z, Tough Language and Online Take Over
(The Huffington Post, 04.01.16)

While we all know that nothing really has changed just because the countdown took us past midnight and into the New Year, it’s clear that we’re looking at some new thinking when it comes to public opinion, market share and the role of the media.

5 of the Best Ways to Brand Your Big Business
(Business2Community, 07.12.15)

Carving out a brand nowadays is tough. Competition is fierce. Consumers are inundated with numerous options via print, digital, and social media platforms. The companies that do succeed tend to share quite a few things in common.

“One of the biggest mistakes any established business can make in the face of a disruptive brand is to try to imitate or out-disrupt it.” —Chris Hides

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