Consumer/Lifestyle Branding Digest, May 18, 2016

Posted on May 18, 2016 by Havas PR

How These 5 Brands Made Their Content Go Viral
(Forbes, 17.05.16)

Viral content is the proverbial “pot of gold,” coveted by every brand engaged in online marketing. “Viral content” is a bit of a buzzword, so what does it mean, exactly? There’s no firm definition, but it refers to any piece of content that’s generated enough visibility and momentum to be shared from person to person, as if spread like a virus, to enormous heights.

What to Learn from Media Mogul Taylor Swift
(Huffington Post, 17.05.16)

In a world ruled by social media there are no written rules, especially not the kind of rules that will lead you to certain success as a content maker. But there are little things that can work as secret ingredients of success. What is the thing that can bring you the results you want without having millions of dollars or the media’s support? Taylor Swift stands as the perfect example of how to do things differently.

How Ad Blockers Benefit Both Consumers and Advertisers
(Entrepreneur, 16.05.16)

Ads are the content producer’s and business owner’s best friend, but the Internet surfer’s and online consumer’s worst nightmare — well, at least for some people.

Physical Marketing Is Making a Comeback
(Marketing Week, 13.03.16)

Many marketers are bucking the digital trend and investing more in ensuring customers can touch and experience their products and services.

“Each memory, thought, impression, website visit, story, sales letter, social media post, event, phone call and transaction contributes to your company’s brand reputation.” —Elaine Fogel

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