Corporate Branding Digest, July 29, 2013

Posted on July 29, 2013 by Havas PR

Reputation and the Bottom Line; Engaging Employees May Have Just Gotten a Bit Tougher
(PR News, 15.07.13)

A Bad Reputation Can Cost You Dearly: Nearly half of financial companies (45%) lost 5% or more in business due to their reputations, according to a recent Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Survey. The losses equaled hundreds of millions of dollars, and serves as a prime example of how public relations can be pegged directly to the bottom line.

Corporate Reputation and Brand Top of Mind
(B&T, 25.07.13)

The majority of company executives believe a strong parent brand is as important as the strength of individual product brands, a new study has found. However, more executives at single-brand companies (92%) believe their company’s reputation is as important as their products compared to 75% of multi-brand execs.

3 Levels of Process
(ClickZ, 18.07.13)

One of the inherent challenges in working in digital, especially with emerging companies and disciplines, is that the process is a seemingly constant work-in-progress. Process is a necessity rarely afforded the commitment required to achieve success. My wife, an educator with a specialization in behaviors, constantly teaches me about learned behaviors and the necessity for consistent repetition in order to achieve the desired change.

The Whole World Is Getting Richer, and That’s Good News
(Businessweek, 29.07.13)

This month the most accurate source for global data on the size of the world’s economies got a makeover. As a result, we have measures of economic growth and relative income across countries that are better than ever. These numbers suggest something surprising: a world of ubiquitously increasing wealth, where predictions of Malthusian traps and permanent poverty look increasingly archaic.

“I suspect that many corporations have begun to understand they have an important role to play in the lives of their communities, and that allocating funds to support local groups helps them discharge that function and also burnish their image.” —David Rockefeller

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