Corporate Branding Digest, Nov. 22, 2013

Posted on November 22, 2013 by Havas PR

Brand Building in a Hi-Tech World
(Branding Strategy Insider, 13.11.13)

It goes without saying that digital technologies are upending all aspects of life. Every sweeping change like this, whatever its motive force—technology, demographics, the economy, politics—comes with challenges that menace the opportunities. But before we throw the digital baby out with the bath water, let’s put the apprehensions in perspective and ponder our digital futures in more constructive ways. Unlike public intellectuals who earn their keep by stoking our anxieties, brand marketers must fashion real-world solutions that negotiate trade-offs to deliver value propositions that measure up to our manifold hopes and dreams about the good life.

Impatience Is a Virtue: What’s Next for Social Business
(, 08.11.13)

Having reflected briefly on the vast progression of the Internet and the web, computing, mobile infrastructure and social media services—as if you needed a reminder—let’s look at what’s changed at the typical organization during this time, my adult lifetime. Or more pertinently what hasn’t.

Personal Branding Tips from Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Your Mom
(All Business Experts, 17.09.13)

Before social media turned practically everyone into a public figure, few CEOs included the word persona in their everyday vocabularies, much less hired publicists and marketing strategists to help them craft a personal brand.

Leadership Lessons From the U.S. Army in Afghanistan
(Fast Company, 04.11.13)

Here are five tactics the U.S. Army is putting to use in Logar province to help move the Afghan military and police toward greater independence.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” —Abraham Lincoln

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