Corporate Branding Digest, Sept. 12, 2014

Posted on September 12, 2014 by Havas PR

Five Brands Excelling at Storytelling
(Econsultancy, 03.09.14)

Love or hate the phrase, storytelling as a method of mass communication for brands is here to stay. Stories, anecdotes and metaphors that take an audience on a narrative journey to subtly reveal a branded message along the way are far more memorable and shareable than any brazen sales focused advertisement.

Seven Mistakes That Derail Thought Leaders
(Forbes, 19.08.14)

Becoming a so-called “thought leader” is all the rage; now, everybody wants to be a speaker, build an easy revenue stream, write a book and change the world. I do believe that everybody has a story worth sharing. Everyone has overcome insurmountable odds that give them the right to impact the lives of others. But I also see people step up to the plate only to make a huge mistake that lands them miles away from their intended destination.

The Rebirth of the CMO
(Harvard Business Review, 05.08.14)

The chief marketing officer role is undergoing a renaissance. Overly simplistic notions—“the people who do the advertising”—were based on stereotypes that never accurately reflected the range of responsibilities that many CMOs had. Those notions are even more outdated now.

Shy People Tend to Have This Coveted Leadership Skill
(Entrepreneur, 04.08.14)

So, you’re never first to raise your hand during meetings, and you’re uncomfortable schmoozing with strangers at networking events. Does that mean you’re doomed to fail in the business world?

“Innovation comes from the producer—not from the customer.” —W. Edwards Deming

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