Havas PR in the News — January 2015

11 Spring Trends You Can Start Shopping Right This Second

By Leah Melby, Jan. 28, 2015

As a distraction from the wallop of winter weather, Glamour.com spoke with trendspotter Marian Salzman about what we can expect from fashion this spring. Salzman’s warmer-weather picks: cropped jackets, A-line skirts, ruffled skirts, tie-dye, cropped pants, dresses with scalloped hems, striped T-shirts, wide wrap belts, luxury tracksuits, flared jeans and bright Pucci-esque print minidresses.

Action/2015: The Importance of 15

By Marian Salzman, Jan. 26, 2015

“They don’t remember 9/11, yet its aftermath has been their lifelong reality,” writes Havas PR CEO Marian Salzman of Generation Z. “They never lived without the Internet, and smartphones were invented before they became old enough to care what they were. They were in elementary school when they saw the havoc wreaked by the global recession.” And yet, in this Huffington Post column, Salzman says today’s teens have the optimism and energy needed to make the world a better place. Prime example: the UN’s action/2015 campaign, where young people will be at the forefront of this effort to eliminate poverty and tackle climate change.

Does Football Have a Future?

By Marian Salzman, Jan. 14, 2015

In this follow-up to an opinion piece contributed to the Huffington Post three years earlier, Havas PR CEO Marian Salzman revisits the correlation between football and brain injuries, in light of the 60,000 concussions suffered by high school players annually and the pro athletes whose deaths have been linked to head trauma. In this post, Salzman points out that outlets like NBCNews.com and The Atlantic have, in recent years, taken issue with the NFL over the matter, and she maintains that to have a future, football will have to change.

What’s Trending in Arizona for 2015

By Marian Salzman, Jan. 12, 2015

Can Arizona, with its acres and acres of unpopulated wilderness and complete lack of coastline, really be trendy? Havas CEO Marian Salzman confesses in this piece for the Arizona Daily Star that she had her doubts before becoming a part-time resident last year. But once she started looking at Arizona through her celebrated trendspotter’s eye, Salzman realized that the state is actually a cultural barometer in many ways—not to mention an increasingly sophisticated draw for nature lovers, foodies, innovators and entrepreneurs, among others.

5 People Embodying Today’s Legacy Brands

By Marian Salzman, Jan. 8, 2015

From politics to pop culture, a number of boldface names are seizing the mantle from their famous parent(s)—and doing so with aplomb. That’s the topic that Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America, takes on in this Forbes.com piece. Pointing to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his late father, Mario Cuomo, as well as to Jeb Bush’s announcement that he will run for president in 2016, Salzman looks at successful legacy brands of both politicians and socialites (like Cornelia Guest and her mother C.Z. Guest, a socialite before her). Others on Salzman’s legacy brand radar: Chelsea Clinton, Stella McCartney, Jack Schlossberg, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ted Kennedy Jr.

From the General Election to Big Data: Eight Marketing Trends for 2015

By Marian Salzman, Jan. 8, 2015

At the approach of every new year, trendspotter Marian Salzman (also CEO of Havas PR North America) likes to look for the “future headlines.” What does she see for 2015 that marketers will need to know in order to keep up? In addition to featuring some of the 10 big trends chronicled in the annual Havas trends report, she highlights a few new ones in The Guardian, including these: The UK’s general election will see a rise in voter engagement over Snapchat and Instagram; big data will be used more and more for predictive analytics; H2H (human-to-human) will replace the importance of B2B and B2C; CMOs will become chief simplifier officers; and CFOs will become chief frontier officers.

3 Ways to Use IFTTT to Automate Twitter Growth

By Giuseppe Crosti, Jan. 7, 2015

“If This Then That (IFTTT) is a great website to automate simple recurring processes,” says Giuseppe Crosti, co-founder of SocialProvidence, which uses the site for Twitter marketing. In this bylined piece, Crosti outlines his agency’s three main uses of IFTTT—creating lists of leads, collecting data and improving retention—and gives details about how it can be used to achieve those goals.

Big Data, Ubertrend: Some Trends to Watch Out For in Marketing

By Marian Salzman, Jan. 7, 2015

Says trendspotter Marian Salzman in this bylined piece: “Every day, and now more than ever, marketers and communicators need to keep up. And guess what? If you’re in business, you’re a marketer. That’s a big task. There’s so much to absorb and digest, and our digitally enhanced, Twitter-fed habits are teaching us to think in snippets.” To help distill what’s important on the horizon, Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America, and her agency produced their annual trends report. This piece highlights some of those trends, plus others unique to the Indian market.

What to Expect in PR in 2015

By Marian Salzman, Jan. 4, 2015

In order to prove of value to clients as strategic partners and to remain competitive creatively, PR agencies need to watch a few key trends in particular, says Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America. Among them: borders between B2B and B2C disappearing, and a new distinction, H2H, leading the way; paying more attention to company integrity; getting strategic about measurement; good writing increasing in importance; social media needing to become more personalized; and CFOs shaking up their mindset to become chief frontier officers.

Happy New Year: Here’s What to Expect in 2015

By Amy Kuperinsky, Jan. 1, 2015

In this roundup of three respected trendspotters, the New Jersey Star-Ledger talks to Marian Salzman about some of the trends she is watching for the coming year. Some of the most influential people will be women, part of a “pro-feminist movement,” according to Salzman. In the area of food, she says we will start seeing ramen noodles on more breakfast menus, the “safe eating” trend will continue and salt will become “the new tobacco.” Salzman also adds her thoughts on edible clay and coal, how our culture continues to be focused on not only self but also generosity, the enduring rise of the sharing culture and an increasing fascination with nature.

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