Havas PR in the News — June 2017

Sleeping Is the New Measure of Success

By Penelope Green, June 28, 2017
[Translated from Spanish] If sleeping was the new sex—as Marian Salzman, an executive at Havas PR North America proclaimed 10 years ago—today is a measure of success, a skill that must be nurtured and fed.

Keeping Systems Running During a Global Health Crisis—How Do We Prevent Panic?

By Project HOPE, June 27, 2017
A symposium, sponsored by Project HOPE and Health Affairs, assembled a group of noted experts on global health on June 14, 2017, in New York to discuss how to prepare for future pandemics by taking steps now to keep vulnerable health systems secure. The focus of this panel was “Keeping Systems Running During a Global Health Crisis—How Do We Prevent Panic?” Marian Salzman, CEO, Havas PR (16:00).

Cannes: Media Companies Get to Grips with Fake News ‘Emergency’

By Arun Sudhaman, June 22, 2017
The Havas PR session, which featured FT media correspondent David Bond, BBC Global News CEO Jim Egan, and Sunday Times editorial director Eleanor Mills, noted that all players in the crisis—journalists, advertisers and technology platforms—need to take a measure of responsibility for what the New Yorker editor David Remnick described as “an emergency” similar to climate change at a different Cannes discussion a day earlier.

People on the Move: 6/18/2017

By Natalie Hill, June 19, 2017
Havas PR promoted Melissa Rieger to vice president; Julianne Muszynski, associate vice president; and Breanna Stephens, assistant account executive.

Global Power Book: Is the Uncertain Geopolitical Climate Good for the PR Sector?

By John Harrington, June 13, 2017
Havas PR US chief executive Marian Salzman takes a philosophical view: “Uncertainty is bad for the soul and we are a soulful business, so I would say all this tension and negativity isn’t good for PRs, humans, the planet, and on and on.” MSLGroup chief influence strategist Erin Lanuti is downbeat for a different reason: “The current geopolitical climate is giving everyone news fatigue, which is further exasperated by the continued bantering about media bias and ‘fake news.’ I believe all of this is bad for the PR industry, as media bias, whether real or implied, diminishes the trust people have in news as a whole.”

Enough Already: Unintended Consequences Shaping Marketing Trends in 2017

By ScreenMedia Daily, June 7, 2017
Havas PR’s annual trends report, Blowback to the Future: The Trends That Will Shape 2017, complied by trendspotter Marian Salzman, is a much sought-after guide and an end-of-year reading tradition for brands and marketers looking to better understand the mind and mood of consumers around the world.

Southern Arizona Authors

By Tucson.com, June 2, 2017
“Agile,” writes Marian Salzman in this manual on the public relations business, is “1. quick and well-coordinated…; 2. active; lively…; 3. marked by an ability to think quickly….” Salzman, the CEO of Havas PR North America, applies the term and walks the “agile” walk in this how-to on navigating the fast-paced, always-connected PR world. With a lively voice, clarifying with bullet points, boxes and examples, she dispenses such advice as how to craft the news, pitch to the media, brand clients, spot trends, manage social media, and control crises (one piece of advice: when your client does a naughty, get him to respond like Hugh Grant—with an immediate, convincing public mea culpa—not like Lance Armstrong).

Gender Equality: Time for Action

By Steve Barrett, June 2, 2017
This year’s honorees are Kathy Bloomgarden, Kimberley Goode, Catherine Hernandez-Blades, Margery Kraus, Marian Salzman, Barby Siegel, Pam Wickham, Renee Wilson, and Melissa Waggener Zorkin, and seven of these inspirational PR pros were able to join us on the day.

Succesful Women in PR: Leaning In & Climbing Up

By PR Newswire, June 1, 2017
Thank you to the following women for their participation: Kristin Daher, president and chief storyteller of Powerhouse Communications; Carmen Marsans, SVP of client services for Comunicad; Crosby Noricks, founder and director of PR Couture; MJ Pedone, president of Indra Public Relations; Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR; Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich, Inc.; and Krysten Copeland, founder and chief strategy officer of KC& Co Communications.

Leaning In and Climbing Up: Cheers to Successful Women in PR

By Cision, June 1, 2017
There have been countless studies and think pieces published recently about the number of women in PR and their role in the field. Across the board, public relations is a field dominated by women and they’re found at every level in the office—but the numbers dwindle as soon as you hit the top.

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