Havas PR in the News — September 2016

Male Grooming Terms Decoded

By Alex Bracetti, Sept. 26, 2016
The term metrosexual officially became a mainstay in pop culture dialect when acknowledged as the “Word of the Year” in 2003. Now it’s progressed into what exclusive groups consider the ubersexual—a grooming audience better known as non-conventional men who bear spruce-ish qualities, while maintaining their brutish charm. Think of it as the quasi-metrosexual. The co-author of The Future of Men, Marian Salzman has gained credit for the term, bringing light to a new generation of groomists.

Miami Ad School Racial Unity Contest Open for Public Viewing

By Joan Voight, Sept. 26, 2016
Judges often had personal reactions to the ideas. For instance, in evaluating a video series,  “Color Conversations,” in which friends try to air out uncomfortable race-related topics without judgment, Marian Salzman, CEO of North America for Havas PR, said in submitted comments, “It made me sit up and ask myself, ‘Have I listened? What questions should I ask?’” The work helped her “realize that part of our challenge in these turbulent times is to listen better and hear clearly. I can imagine user-generated content adding a lot to this campaign,” she added.

Future Internet Commerce Focus on Åhaga

By Gabriel Tjulander, Sept. 22, 2016
(Translated to English) Marian Salzman, trends forecaster and author from Havas PR North America, was one of several experts who had been invited. She says that the store, as we know it today, is moving away. The buying of goods will, in the future, altogether move into the net. The only thing you will do in the store is try on clothes and get help from staff, whose only job is to give you a great experience, says Salzman

10 Reasons to Discuss the Economy 3.0

By Forbes Staff, Sept. 22, 2016
(Translated to English) 2. Consumer Trends. Who is really the consumer? It is estimated that the millennial generation will be the queen of consumption, but at a time where robots make investments, we ensure that future purchases will be governed not by an algorithm. The challenge of reaching the consumer becomes increasingly complex. Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America, will share with our audience the key trends.

Asda to End Freuds Contract After Retailer Gets New Corporate Affairs Chief and CEO

By Sam Burne James, Sept. 15, 2016
Asda also works with Morrow Communications in Northern Ireland, Havas PR on regional comms, Lee Publicity on its George clothing line, and does employer branding work with Edelman. These relationships are unaffected.

Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart, Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld and More to Perform at 10th Anniversary ‘Stand Up for Heroes’

By BWW News Desk, Sept. 12, 2016
This year’s sponsors for Stand Up for Heroes include: the Paul E. Singer Foundation, craigconnects, Jack Daniel’s, 21st Century Fox, J. Walter Thompson, Havas PR & Havas Health, JetBlue, Thomson Reuters and the Barbara Bradley Baekgaard Foundation.

‘Tasteless’ Mattress Ad Is Latest 9/11-Themed Promotion to Spark Backlash

By Tom Dart, Sept. 11, 2016
The discussion of 9/11 and marketing is still fresh, and a Texas mattress store is causing an uproar with their latest ad. With a promotion beginning with “What better way to remember 9/11 than with a twin towers sale?” surely experts will be giving their two cents. Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR, has been asked once again on her feelings regarding branding and 9/11. See what she has to say.

Stephanie Agresta Cofounds Strategic Advisory Firm for Women Entrepreneurs

By Diana Bradley, Sept. 9, 2016
Speakers will include Halogen Ventures general partner Jesse Draper, Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck, BlogHer cofounder and chief community officer of SheKnows Elisa Camahort Page, Zuckerberg Media CEO Randi Zuckerberg and Havas PR North America CEO Marian Salzman.

The Tacky Practice of Using 9/11 to Market Consumer Goods Backfires Yet Again

By Travis M. Andrews, Sept. 8, 2016
With the 15th anniversary of 9/11 soon approaching, many Americans are now reflecting on the day that changed the world forever. With plenty of tributes coming in through television programs and social media, many feel that some marketers are jumping on the bandwagon too aggressively. When it comes to 9/11, should companies embrace it or avoid the anniversary altogether? Read the article to see what advice Havas PR CEO Marian Salzman has to give.

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