Health and Wellness Branding Digest, February 18, 2016

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Havas PR

How GSK Plans to Shake Up Healthcare Marketing
(Marketing Week, 04.02.16)

As GSK expands its consumer health brand portfolio, marketing director for Northern Europe Rachel Deans is determined to place the pharmaceuticals giant at the forefront of digital innovation.

Despite Breaches, Patients Trust Healthcare with Info, Study Tied to Data Privacy Day Claims
(Healthcare IT News, 28.01.16)

Despite the record number of major healthcare breaches in just the past year, 74 percent of consumers surveyed by the National Cyber Security Alliance said they trust healthcare providers the most with personal information, according to a study released Thursday to mark Data Privacy Day.

Cyberattacks Will Compromise 1 in 3 Healthcare Records Next Year
(ComputerWorld, 08.12.15)

Consumers will see an increase in successful cyberattacks against their online health records next year; supercomputers like IBM’s Watson will reduce patient deaths and treatment costs by 10% in 2018; and virtual healthcare will soon become routine.

What If Hospital Meant Hospitality?
(Medical Marketing & Media, 24.09.15)

Any experienced healthcare professional will tell you that yesterday’s patient must now be regarded as a consumer. We have the Internet for self-diagnosis, we have social-media channels to help evaluate our healthcare options and we have a potent voice in expressing our level of satisfaction or otherwise about the services we experience.

“Advertising was content and PR was distribution. Digital began to break that down; social has smashed it.” —Chris Satterthwaite

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