Lifestyle Branding Digest, May 20, 2015

Posted on May 20, 2015 by Havas PR

Mastering Your Brand’s Story
(Entrepreneur, 16.04.15)

Effective storytelling is an essential skill for small business owners to understand and practice in marketing themselves and their companies. Building a business is about consistently creating satisfied customers through getting them in the door and bringing them back as repeat customers. Storytelling helps in customer acquisition and retention in that they make our brands relatable and connect us to our customers. Capturing the hearts and minds of customers is easier through good storytelling, and establishing an emotional connection with customers makes them inherently more loyal.

Three Things Marketers Can Do to Help a Brand’s Social Media ‘Grow Up’
(Marketing Week, 09.04.15)

The role of social media for brands is changing, with increased concern over the true value of social platforms. However, despite recent scepticism, it seems brands are continuing to increase ad spend on these channels.

GNC Tailors Mail Marketing to Customers’ Purchase Habits, Demographics
(TribLive, 04.04.15)

Big retailers are getting better at reading their customers’ minds in a bid to improve loyalty and expand sales. Member loyalty cards and big data analysis are allowing retailers to more accurately predict the shopping desires of their customers and tailor their marketing down to the individual level.

How to Effectively Connect to Influential Bloggers
(Small Business Trends, 25.03.15)

Have you noticed how some bloggers have pretty much reached celebrity status? Those well-known writers are read almost constantly, have an active social media presence that practically forms its own little community, and have a number of ins with other influential bloggers that have their own network of visibility.

“Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business.” —Warren Buffett

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