Across practice areas, we use our know-how in the followings fields (and more) to get our clients’ stories to the right audiences, generate buzz and help them stay ahead of what’s next, now.

We’re expert in spotting future trends. Looking for social patterns helps us show clients what’s in the air, devise pioneering strategies for their companies and brands, and leverage the trends into future headlines for them. Trendspotting lets us make sure that our clients are ahead of the curve and always addressing what is on the radar for their key audiences.

Strategic Planning
The Red Thread is our unique strategic process that allows us to thread the essence of client’s story through a global narrative told across multiple channels, creating consistency, color and a distinctive, memorable impression. First we work to understand the hidden truths that move the people who will hear the story. Then we decipher the culture of the category and unearth what the client can say that’s different, true and emotionally compelling. We pride ourselves in diving deep to understand the key issues that motivate our clients’ stakeholders and will bring about real change.

Media Relations
We excel at making our clients be the news. We know the who, how and why for getting their names in print and on screens in global, national and local media and the trades that matter. Through our dedicated media relations departments, Newsengine and Social Newsengine, we create stories worth telling. Our departments work to be “in and of newsmaking”—meaning we use our vast experience to connect with the right outlets to generate news based on research, trendspotting and other analysis we’re undertaking at Havas PR.

Millennial Marketing
We are one of the most youth-target-friendly agencies in the U.S. Among other initiatives, we started a shop for millennial marketing run by millennial entrepreneurs and fielded an influential study about millennials in the states bordering Mexico that we think puts us on the cutting edge of the next America. We like the radical new thinking of digital-native millennials and have launched numerous programs centered on young people that give us great insight into how they work and communicate. Our millennial team can create new messages and new messaging styles that are by, for and about their peers.

Business360 reflects the surround-sound approach we take in engaging all the constituents important to our B2B client companies. We dimensionalize that 360-degree view by helping clients become integrated as vital community members; educate and reward customers, partners and employees; and step up to engage with their industry competitors to do what’s right for the world. To fully shape our clients’ reputation, Business360 uses our strengths in positioning leaders, launching brands and products, building influence and constituencies, and managing issues and crises to create programs that tell a compelling, positive, well-rounded client story.

Crisis Management
Communicating effectively during difficult times is crucial. The best defense against an issue or incident that could escalate to a crisis is preparation, which also will counteract the sudden, emotional aspects that can lead to nonproductive actions or behavior. It’s imperative to have an issues-management plan in place. We work with clients to develop such a plan and a comms framework (key messages, draft response, Q&A, suggested action plan). Then, if a crisis occurs, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and monitor it digitally in real time.

For every client, we pride ourselves on developing unique, category-changing events and consumer- and trade-facing activities that bring our strategic work to life to prompt actions. These activations—from storming morning shows to increase coverage and sampling to staging tastings in heavily trafficked areas—help tell the brand narrative in interesting and compelling ways to connect key audiences to our clients. Our teams know how to creatively activate to ensure media attention and social buzz while driving our client’s businesses.

We begin by evaluating key category marketing drivers and the brand’s own momentum drivers, strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities. Then we work collaboratively with clients to determine measurable objectives and identify KPIs that will evaluate programs and showcase success. During a program, we monitor news in traditional and social forums in real time. That way, we always know how we are doing and how our messages are resonating versus how the competition is being heard. That lets us tweak our verbiage and reach—and meet (and hopefully far exceed) clients’ objectives.

Media Monitoring
Our comprehensive media monitoring process makes sure we capture every placement and deliver our results quickly in a detailed yet easy-to-understand format. By monitoring traditional and social news in real time, we’re always on top of breaking stories, trends and competitor updates that will help us keep clients informed and future-focused for their work and their own newsmaking. We also set up social media monitoring tools to track all terms related to a client and/or its program in order to provide detailed reports on the conversation around the brand, on the sentiment about it and on/from key opinion leaders.

Account Management
Our most important job is to provide the best possible service to our clients. We look at managing their accounts with an eye to the social aspect of community (definition: “a unified body of individuals”). So senior counselors shape executable plans to reach key stakeholders and ensure results, and we assemble the agency’s best brains and skills—regardless of title—for every brief, handpicking experts from around the agency to meet any client’s needs. Plus, we are nimble enough to absorb unexpected events without missing a beat.

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