Havas PR in the News — May 2014

Out of Black Market into Sunlight, Marijuana Lights up Minds of Marketing Mavens

By Noel Brinkerhoff, May 16, 2014

As marijuana is increasingly legalized for both recreational and medical reasons, marketers and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to profit from the crush of those clamoring for a toke. Trendspotter Marian Salzman predicts that fast-food companies might have the most to gain from this political and social sea change. She pinpoints NYC’s Nugget Spot chef-owner Jason Hairston, saying, “Hairston has a lot of company in making high-end stoner food. The list includes single-focus restaurants specializing in biscuits, pudding, bacon, cheese fries and burgers with doughnuts for buns. While many of them are in bar-heavy neighborhoods, their target demographic might very well have a different drug of choice.”

Profiles in Leadership: Katie McSorley, Havas PR President, Mid-Atlantic

By Teresa F. Lindeman, May 15, 2014

This profile of Havas PR’s Mid-Atlantic President, Katie McSorley, focuses on her work specifically on the One Young World summit, held in her Pittsburgh hometown in 2012. Before joining the Havas team 32 years ago, McSorley worked in TV and radio, and as a communications manager for both Pittsburgh’s mayor’s office and the Department of Parks and Recreation. What has McSorley learned from her decades in PR? “Throughout my career at Havas PR,” she says, “I’ve been extremely fortunate that my company has given me the space to learn, succeed and fail—providing the on-the-job environment that’s been a leader training ground.”

Brands Must Rethink Media as Consumers Value Scale Over Consumption

By Laurie Sullivan, May 14, 2014

More and more consumers value substance over scale, asserts this MediaDailyNews piece, which looks to Havas’s “New Consumer and the Sharing Economy” study for insight. In the study, which analyzed responses from more than 10,000 people, 52 percent of respondents said they agree that decreased consumption will lead to fewer jobs, and 58 percent agree that buying products is a “patriotic act.” Havas PR CEO Marian Salzman is quoted here, saying that brands should concentrate on selling consumers an experience, as Americans aren’t going to buy as much “unnecessary stuff.”

Havas: Consumers Coming Around to the Sharing Economy

By Lindsay Stein, May 13, 2014

“Most consumers are beginning to make more collaborative and sustainable purchases in order to waste less and improve society,” says the opening of this article about Havas Worldwide’s global study on the new consumer. It cites one of the most profound statistics from the study, which found that 69 percent of mainstream consumers and 77 percent of Prosumers believe that “overconsumption is putting our society and planet at risk.” Adds Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America: “Small is the new big, and we are also completely happy to recognize that if we don’t need to own something, it’s really okay to share it.”

As Target Chief Steps Down, Golden Rules for a Smooth CEO Transition

By Chris Daniels, May 9, 2014

After Target CEO Greg Steinhafel was replaced, PRWeek looked to a variety of experts in order to gather a list of “‘golden rules’ to follow when announcing succession plans”: the outgoing chief executive should serve as a bridge; convey character as well as credentials; and plan, plan, plan. Of the first rule, Havas PR North America CEO Marian Salzman says this: “Even in a great situation … [t]he announcement really needs to be about conveying the vision of what is next.” And of the final rule, she says, “Stakeholders feel like they’re in good hands when a company demonstrates it has planned for succession even when it is not expected.”

Crash the Gates: The New Route to Success for Graduates and Everyone Else

By Marian Salzman, May 5, 2014

This PRWeek editorial written by Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America, urges graduates to rethink the traditional path to success: a four-year college education, a traditional 9-to-5 work schedule. Instead it’s worthwhile, Salzman says, to look at fellowships, apprenticeships, gap years, travel and perhaps even jumping the collegiate ship. Furthermore, she offers the following advice: Set your sights on cities other than America’s five biggest, imagine training for a job that doesn’t yet exist, consider becoming an entrepreneur, embrace nontraditional degrees and skill sets, and don’t forget to cultivate friends and fans, who double as valuable connections.

Havas PR: Agency Business Report 2014

From PRWeek, May 1, 2014

Havas PR won some and lost some business in 2013, meaning the agency experienced some very meaningful highs and lows last year, according to Havas PR North America’s CEO, Marian Salzman, who returned to the office after a 10-week health recovery with a renewed focus on new business. Among the wins, the agency earned JCPenney’s Hispanic account, as well as business from Colliers International, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Au Bon Pain. The hiring of Ravi Sunnak as EVP of corporate and cause in 2013 has been instrumental in growing the firm’s corporate and executive branding offerings.

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