In the News – April 2012

The All-New American Family

By Marian Salzman, April 30, 2012

What does today’s “average” American family look like? Marian Salzman, @erwwpr CEO, takes a look at some of the statistics (“In 2008, only 52 percent of us were married, compared with 72 percent in 1960,” for instance) and offers her observations of family life today through the lenses of U.S. presidential campaigning, the ideas of media as babysitter and government as parent, and big businesswomen and celebrities as mothers. Whether your family has one parent or two moms or the only child is a dog, she says, “the pursuit of a solid family unit—whatever that looks like, whatever that means to us individually and whether you are more a helicopter than a dragon—is still a top priority for most of us.”

We Hear …

From New York Post, April 29, 2012

The New York Post heard “that Marian Salzman and James Diamond hosted the ‘Celebrate Spring in Connecticut’ fete for the Bob Woodruff Foundation, with guests Scott Pelley, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, JWT Worldwide’s Bob Jeffrey, Karen Ali and Jesse Kornbluth.”

WBC Names Fran Pastore 2012 Extraordinary Woman

By Women’s Business Development Council, April 25, 2012

Marian Salzman, CEO of @erwwpr, was one of four women asked to sit on the second annual “Conversation with Extraordinary WBDC Women” panel in Danbury, Conn. “All four women,” says this article, “have achieved high levels of success in their respected fields and will share their professional stories that led them to being the leaders they are today.”

Twin Towers Replica for 9/11 Anniversary Nabs Global Coverage for The French Will Never Forget-Euro RSCG Worldwide PR Campaign

By Jim Bucci, April 24, 2012

Among the many awards that @erwwpr is receiving for its pro bono media relations work on The French Will Never Forget’s 9/11 tribute is a Bronze Digital/Social PR Bulldog Award for Best Use of Digital/Social in a Public Affairs/Awareness Campaign. This article tells the story of the agency’s strategy, challenge and results, which include more than 231 million media impressions in the first three days alone. It also gives tips from Marian Salzman, CEO of @erwwpr, that the team used, such as “Be willing to change your strategy at a moment’s notice” and “Do not let budget determine your campaign’s outcome.”

To Become Chief Executive, You Need to Have a Subordinate Partner

By Jana Kasperkevic, April 24, 2012

This article focuses on one aspect of @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman’s recent Mediabistro Q&A: the question “What can women in any industry do to get to the CEO level?” It offers part of her answer, including this: “[S]omeone’s career is going to come first, and someone’s career is going to have to come second, so you have to be in a subordinated relationship, which means that guys have to be prepared to be with a partner who is going to be subordinated, and women have to be prepared to be with a partner who is going to be subordinated.” The article also says that a recent study backs up her idea: “A scarcity of men leads women to invest in their careers because they realize it will be difficult to settle down and start a family,” the study’s co-author Vlad Griskevicius is quoted as saying.

Salzman Translates Trends into Opportunities

By Lynette Carpiet, April 19, 2012

At the IBD Summit for bicycle retailers, @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman, a world-renowned trendspotter, told the audience in her keynote speech that they must become trendspotters themselves in order to plan for long-term success. She especially focused on digital trends and technology. “There is no escape. Even my dry cleaner is a social media–driven business,” she said. (Her cleaner sends a text when clothes are ready, and she can pay by PayPal.) These are among the 10 trends that Salzman highlighted as especially important for this audience to be watching closely—and acting on—now and in the future: obesity, anxious parenting, eco awareness, love of local, baby boomers’ new values and digital detox. (The article goes into detail about all 10 trends.)

So What Do You Do, Marian Salzman, CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR
North America?

By Amanda Ernst, April 18, 2012

In this Q&A with @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman, we discover a lot about transitions: about Salzman’s transition from advertising to public relations, about how and why someone might switch from journalism to PR, about whether the definition of PR is in flux, about how personal relationships might need to adjust during a woman’s path to the C-suite, and about how Salzman is changing the work environment in her office. “I don’t care if you’re 19 or 91,” she says. “If you have the answer for me, you can sit next to me. I don’t believe in physical offices.… I think PR—where people are worried about the corner office, the big couch—just give me a computer and let me work.”

Marian Salzman: Men Are ‘More Prepared’ to Be CEOs

By Ji Hyun Park, April 18, 2012

In MediaBistro’s lengthy Q&A with Marian Salzman, @erwwpr CEO, one question the interviewer asked was “What can women in any industry do to get to the CEO level?” Here, Media Jobs Daily excerpts from her answer: “I actually think it’s a lot easier to do than people realize, but it’s about making choices. And I think men tend to be more prepared to make the choices. You have to choose to delay your family plans well into your 30’s. You have to be prepared to live on at least three continents early in your career. And that means that someone’s career is going to come first, and someone’s career is going to have to come second… And I think if you’re going to be comfortable with that, that’s fine.”

Euro RSCG PR Chief Marian Salzman Offers Her Thoughts for a Few

By Kiran Aditham, April 18, 2012

Agency Spy spotlights the question from MediaBistro’s interview with @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman about her transition from advertising to PR. Here is part of that answer: “PR people tend to be afraid, and advertising people tend to be provocateurs. And so I had a very hard time … because I’ve grown up in a world of ‘There’s no such thing as a mistake; there’s just a bigger challenge to repair.’ Because that’s the nature of the advertising industry: You’re only as big as your last failure.”

10 Lessons for Business and Life

By Marian Salzman, April 9, 2012

In advance of her presentation at the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Public Relations Conference, Marian Salzman reflects on her role as a mentor. The CEO of @erwwpr shares 10 lessons she has learned over her years in the advertising and PR industries, including “Subordinate your brand to the brands you steward.” Says Salzman: “In all my thousands of media appearances, it’s not about personal promotion; I’m thinking in terms of furthering my employers’—and especially my clients’—visibility and interests.” She also touches on renovating yourself, choosing your boss wisely and committing to extracurricular activities, among others.

Newscrafting the Future

By Marian Salzman, April 5, 2012

Marian Salzman, CEO of @erwwpr, will speak later this month at the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Public Relations Conference. Her topic: changing careers from advertising to PR—or, as she calls it here, her journey “from Madison Avenue to Mars.” Salzman discusses what the ad industry was like when she joined in the early 1990s and why it was the best place for her, then she chronicles the reasons for her move and how the marcomms trend at the time (2008) began tipping toward PR, too. Finally, she explains the title of her post, talking about how public relations is even more on-trend today: “For brands and causes, the essential value of PR is increasingly coming from its ability to master the changing forms of news as traditional and social media intertwine.”

Miami Ad School Partners with Euro

By Lindsay Stein, April 5, 2012

@erwwpr announced that it will work on the launch of a new marketing program for Miami Ad School that will debut at its Brooklyn campus. This article also notes that the agency was hired by Coty as its corporate communications AOR.


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