In the News – August 2012

Livestrong, Nike Stand by Armstrong Despite Lifetime Ban, Loss of Tour Titles

By Brittaney Kiefer, Aug. 24, 2012

After the United States Anti-Doping Agency banned Lance Armstrong from cycling and stripped him of his Tour de France titles, the organization he founded to fight cancer and support survivors issued a statement of support for Armstrong. So did Nike, one of his main sponsors. Half a dozen PR agency executives gave PRWeek their recommendations for Armstrong, Livestrong and Nike, including @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman: “Brand Lance is damaged but can be repaired. If he is smart, he will be reassembled as a wounded warrior, apologetic but facing forward, damaged and repaired. Nike can shrug this off as ancient history, and it will ride this out.”

For Better or for Worse

By Marian Salzman, Aug. 9, 2012

No matter our marital status outside the office, most of us have had a work spouse, says @erwwpr Marian Salzman in her latest column for Stamford. She notes that advertising and marketing are fields especially ripe for such a scenario: “I wonder if it’s because so many of us in the ad world are so gregarious, or because the nature of our work is so collaborative.” In fact, half of all respondents (across industries) to a recent survey said they have a significant other at work, and the numbers appear to be up. And why not? The recession has meant we’re working harder, and social media means we have more outlets for venting. Says Salzman: “It’s only natural that we’d form close bonds with people we spend most of our waking lives with, often in stressful situations.”

The Cannes Conundrum

By Steve Barrett, Aug. 1, 2012

Even though entries to the PR category at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity were up 38 percent from last year, ad agencies again claimed the top prizes. “The work is uniformly amazing. It pushed the boundaries of the way we have defined PR in the past, and it was exceedingly international. The ideas that win are exciting, compelling, throat-grabbing and simple,” says Gail Heimann, who chaired the PR jury, on which Marian Salzman, @erwwpr CEO, served. “From a PR network point of view, the results this year were disappointing but highly fixable. Seduction is really powerful, and the ad industry uses those elements of seduction at Cannes. If PR wants to win, we need to learn how to seduce.”


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