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Getting Madder, Emotional Worth and Toughening Up at Bootcamp: The Top Ten Trends We’ll Be Talking (and Tweeting) About in 2011

By Tamara Abraham, Dec. 31, 2010

On the final day of 2010, this British newspaper looks ahead to the new year with commentary on and excerpts from 10 trends in Marian Salzman’s main trends report. It also runs her “Hot/Not” list and five of the food trends she’s forecasting for 2011. Of her “Booting Up” trend, the newspaper says this: “Bootcamps are a favourite with celebrities for getting fit quickly, but now they are set to become a more widely-used tool for both parents and corporate organisations to toughen up children and employees for the rigours of the 21st century.”

Pie’s Ascendancy Among Food Trends

By Dianna Marder, Dec. 30, 2010

Marian Salzman is one of the people named in this article as predicting that pies will be next year’s hot dessert—perhaps even surpassing cupcakes. She also predicts her rise of the sweet potato and relates her macro trend of people wanting more control in 2011 to food: “People feel a lack of control in their lives, and the extreme manifestation of that desire for control is growing your own food—being an urban farmer.”

The Dish: Plenty of Visionaries in Our Local Food Scene

By Liz Biro, Dec. 30, 2010

Sustainable seafood, locally crafted beer and mom-and-pop establishments are just some of the food trends on the horizon for 2011. Good Vibes Brewing in Wilmington, N.C., says the writer, is right on trend with next year’s rise of the mom-and-pop business, as extrapolated from Marian Salzman’s annual trends report, which says small business will be on the rise for a newly unemployed class and reinvention will become the new normal.

The Year of the Split: How Heartbreak Went Viral in 2010

By Liz Hoggard, Dec. 29, 2010

Why were celebrity divorces and separations different in 2010 than previous years? The rise of social media—over which some celebrities themselves even made the announcement that they were splitsville—made nothing private. “The velvet rope has been replaced by a faux intimacy that allows us all to climb in for a quiet natter,” says Marian Salzman in the article. She also discusses the “car crash split of the year for me”—Al and Tipper Gore—plus Courteney Cox, and the effect of good news announced on SoMe too, such as the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Fashion Leading the Way Back to the Future

By Samantha Critchell, Dec. 29, 2010

The Associated Press asks the opinion of trendspotter Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, in this story about how “[t]rend watchers find many sociological parallels between the ’70s and the current climate.” Salzman says people want more of a “quiet rebellion” in fashion and style than a revolt, which the writer says could appear in the form of half-groomed beards or “mashups of seemingly clashing colours.”

Fashion Leading the Way Back to the Future

By Samantha Critchell, Dec. 29, 2010

In another high-profile pickup of this article from the Associated Press, Marian Salzman also talked young people and money. Today’s college graduates mirror those in the 1970s, who, says Salzman, expressed frustration that “despite fulfilling their part of the bargain to go to college, became educated and fairly responsible, riches weren’t theirs for the taking.” Another cultural similarity she points out is that people are staying close to home and spending more time with family.

Fashion Leading the Way Back to the Future

By Samantha Critchell, Dec. 29, 2010

This clip is a third major pickup of the AP article about fashion and lifestyle trends in 2011, specifically those with echoes of the 1970s. Marian Salzman is one person who discusses the sociological explanations for the reasons our culture is looking back to the Me Decade and how those are manifested in everything from beards and lip stain to wide-leg trousers and peasant tops—and even avocado green in the kitchen.

The Hottest Fashion Trends of 2011 from a Top Trendspotter

From FitandFabLiving, December 2010

This fashion and lifestyle blog features five of Marian Salzman’s fashion trends for 2011—designer comebacks, the continuing rise of eco fashion, the return of 1970s style and military fashion, and the latest rage: combining high-low design in one outfit. Of the first, she says, “Will [Tom] Ford’s triumphant return pave the runway for other comebacks of those who might have stepped away from the design table?”

Trendspotter Marian Salzman’s Fashion and Beauty Predictions for 2011

From FitandFabLiving, December 2010

“Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America, has predicted some of the top fashion and beauty trends she believes will be big in 2011. We hope she’s right because the majority of them not only work for teen girls, but for all women!” says this fashion and lifestyle blog. Among Salzman’s picks for fashion are oversize sweaters and leg warmings; for beauty, she forecasts fishtail braids and navy nail polish, plus many others.

Why We’ll Be Paying Lip Service to Pies and Celebrating the Fact That 60 Is Sexy

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 28, 2010

In this bylined piece, Marian Salzman covers trends she’s predicting for 2011 in the following categories: fashion, beauty, food, restaurants, technology, work, religion, the gender divide, exercise and relationships. For the latter category, she says, “The baby boomers may be entering their twilight years, but they are increasingly behaving like lovestruck teenagers.” What that means: more boomers leaving long marriages and many people over 60 reconnecting with old flames.

Top Trends for the Cash-Rich, Time Poor in 2011

By Marina Thomas, Dec. 28, 2010

This newspaper for people in the Docklands in London (which includes the major business district of Canary Wharf) wonders what awaits the area’s “cash-rich, time poor” residents in 2011. It lists five of Marian Salzman’s business and consumer trends for next year as examples: fewer people flying, a rise in risk-calculation programs, reunion dating, luxury brands going culturally relevant and more people defriending their SoMe networks.

In 2011 Emotions Run High, and Anti Is the New Social

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 27, 2010

As a counterpoint to information overload, bad news and fears about what the future holds, people will be engaging in behaviors that soothe anxiety—“think vacations that have a wellness or spiritual element to them, a deeper need to spend time with family and a craving for balance,” says Marian Salzman in this bylined commentary. She discusses other safety- and anxiety-related trends for the coming year, too, including cyberbullying and the “antisocial social class.”

“Anger” Listed Among Trends

By Michael C. Juliano, Dec. 27, 2010

Marian Salzman gives her hometown paper, the Stamford Advocate, a few reasons why anger will increase next year—the trend that leads her forecast for 2011. Among them: men angry that they’re out of work, women angry that they’re the primary breadwinner and everyone angry about partisan politics. “We haven’t been more polarized as a country since the Civil War,” she says. The article also touches on many of the other 11 trends in Salzman’s annual report.

11 Trends for 2011

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 26, 2010

In this bylined piece, the president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR describes her annual holiday tradition: Creating her trends forecast for the following year. “While other people browse through malls, I sift through movements, mindsets and moods to come up with a rundown of what will be trending in the next 12 months,” she says. Her 11 trends for 2011 run the gamut from anger to emotional-resilience boot camps to gender roles in U.S. society.

Euro RSCG’s Salzman Makes Her 2011 Predictions

By Tonya Garcia, Dec. 22, 2010

What’s hot and what’s not for 2011? PRNewser runs Marian Salzman’s “Hot 100” list and calls out some of its favorites: On the hot list: Sunday news programs, kitten heels, niche gyms, Mariah Carey’s unborn children and Fort Greene, Brooklyn. And from her “Nots” list? Russian spies, harem pants, sending e-cards, LeBron James and Las Vegas. Read the PDF for the entire list.

Veteran Visionary’s Annual Forecast: Trendspotter Extraordinaire Salzman Discusses Her Outlook for 2011

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 17, 2010

In this bylined piece, Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America, and a recognized trendspotter, first looks back at some forecasts from among her almost two decades of noting what’s ahead for the coming year. Then she goes in-depth when discussing her 11 trends for 2011, and she gives quick looks at what’s next in two dozen additional areas—everything from the legal pot trade to wind power to “reunion dating.”

Gingerbread Lessons and Desserts at Brown’s

By Sharon Thompson, Dec. 16, 2010

What’s on our plate for 2011? The Herald-Leader highlights five of Marian Salzman’s food trends for next year, including: pies (goodbye, cupcakes!), restaurants whose menus revolve around one food, “meatless Mondays,” growing vegetarianism across the United States and a movement toward smaller portions.

2011: The Year of the Brain (and Other Trends)

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 15, 2010

In wrapping up the 12-part series based on her trends forecasts for 2011, Marian Salzman decided to “go a bit more personal.” Next year, she’ll reach the four-year anniversary of her craniotomy to remove a brain tumor, so she’ll continue to think more about her own brain, but she believes other signs are pointing to all of us doing the same—from sports concussions on the rise to veterans returning with traumatic brain injuries to the possible hazards of cell-phone use. She also predicts a new look at braininess in the near future, plus a new normal for credit use, a further blending of home and work, and five other trends for 2011.

Tapping Consumer Minitrends: Predictions for 2011

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 14, 2010

In examining her final forecast for 2011 in this series of columns, trendspotter Marian Salzman talks about the opportunities available for innovators with certain small trends. She names these five as being ripe for just that next year: the rise of African consumers, money-transfer services, mobile health care, a smarter way to read and small-scale solar energy. “As ever,” she concludes, “technology is a key driver in minitrends; the developing world and mobile tech will prove to be a new direction for opportunities in the near future.”

Les 11 Tendances 2011 de Marian Salzman

From INfluencia, Dec. 12, 2010

The woman who popularized metrosexuals and übersexuals debuts her top trends for 2011. This French article lists Marian Salzman’s 11 trends forecasts for next year, from “Mad as Hell—and Only Getting Madder” to “Tapping Minitrends” and everything in between.

New Fitness Trends: Time to Put Your Bare Foot Forward in 2011

By Vicki-Marie Cossar, Dec. 12, 2010

What will be new in fitness next year? This daily U.K. paper checks in with a few fitness experts, plus trendspotter Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America. According to the others, we’ll see more barefoot running, iPhone training apps, TRX workouts and short, intensive workouts. The crux of Salzman’s forecast? “There’ll be a rise in blended exercise, mixing up two things such as piloxing (pilates meets boxing).”

Who’s in Control?

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 10, 2010

Around the world, things seem to be spinning out of control, from financial markets to real estate values to unfathomable 12-figure bailouts to massive system failures. In the U.S., it has left us with not only a strong nostalgia for “the repressive but sedate 1950s, when the idea of union was so positive” but also a feeling of ambiguity and terror as we re-examine the dark sides of the American dream—reflected in pop culture in the deaths this year of Barbara Billingsley and Dennis Hopper—says Marian Salzman in the 10th part of the series based on her annual trends forecast. In short, next year “we’ll all be looking for more control in answer to being sick at heart, sick to busting, of unpredictability.”

What’s Your Brand’s Story?

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 10, 2010

Consumers are distrustful and disenfranchised, so brands need to “tell their stories collaboratively—with their audience actively engaged in the unfolding narrative,” says Marian Salzman in this op-ed. Companies doing this well include Threadless, Mountain Dew and Chiquita, which have included customers in design competitions. They’re also supporting causes, such as Kenneth Cole and Gap. And they’re weaving in a great story to their marketing efforts, as Jay-Z has. “As we look for ways to trust brands again in the wake of BP and Merrill Lynch,” says Salzman, “perhaps it’s time for brands to have a chat with their innermost voices—or their closest consumers—and proudly exclaim who they are, and more importantly, what they stand for.”

Gender Bender

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 9, 2010

Around the world, the gender gap is closing in health, education and other areas, with women starting to plow ahead. Here’s the bottom line for gender roles next year, according to Marian Salzman in this eighth column in a series based on her annual trends forecast: “Given that so many men cannot expect that the Y chromosome imparts a head start any longer, in 2011 many of them will be reeling (or, at least, seeking new equilibrium) on a seesaw weighted heavily by females.”

Separated at Worth

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 8, 2010

“What is anything, or anyone, worth today?” It’s the opening question in this column by Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, that’s based on the eighth forecast in her “11 Trends for 2011” report. And it’s a question that raises almost as many questions as it does answers. To start: “What’s going on?” From secret Fed loans to CEO compensation packages, soulless layoffs to real estate worth half what it was five years ago, things have gone haywire. But next year, says Salzman, emotional currency—relationships with friends and family—will be “a much better bet than the cold bling of fleeting fancies and luxuries.”

Reinvention, Part II

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 7, 2010

This is the seventh column in a series of 12 written by Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR and an internationally known trendspotter, that go even further in-depth into her “11 Trends for 2011” annual trends report. This forecast in a nutshell: “As millions of regular Americans set about reinventing themselves and refocusing on what will be their second, or fifth, acts, will they let high-profile corporations and celebrities gone astray do the same? Is redemption fever rising for brands and their spokespeople who have disappointed public expectations, even defrauded public trust?” See Salzman’s answer in her latest post.

Charting the Industry: Female Millennials: $$ Not the Big Prize

From PR News, Dec. 6, 2010

In a new report based on a survey of 3,000 young adults in five countries, “Gender Shift: Are Women the New Men?” Euro RSCG Worldwide found that for a majority of women and a plurality of men in each of the markets (China, France, India, the United Kingdom and the U.S.), happiness means love. “This is an important shift from a time when money and power were the coveted prizes at the end of the rat race,” says Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, in this article. “It’s clear that the gender wars of the past are no more and that millennials view gender in a totally different way than their parents’ generation did. This has a massive effect on global business and, especially, on communicators.”

Salzman: How Will You React to the Changes?

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 6, 2010

“When Barack Obama ushered in an era of folks thinking about change, the sentiment was one of hope, of expectation that somehow, because of change, the future would be aglow with hundreds of watts of positive light,” starts this op-ed by Marian Salzman. “But maybe we didn’t read the fine print: With all change comes a great deal of growing pains.” Today, to survive and thrive, reinventing yourself and doing something that pleases you are key to adapting to an uncertain world. That might mean leaving it all behind, or it might mean using some latent skills. Personal change is a universal awakening that we’ll see grow around the globe.

Yes, We Can…Reinvent Ourselves

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 6, 2010

“Reinventing” is used all the time to describe systems, technology and institutions, especially in our constantly-rebooting world. Now we’ll hear it used to describe millions of Americans (and, slightly more slowly, Europeans), who will be “refocusing and committing to life changes with gusto in 2011,” says Marian Salzman in this column that digs deep into the sixth trend from her annual report. The phenomenon will continue to happen noticeably to people beginning in the 40s. (Remember the midlife crisis? This just has more of a positive spin.) They’ll begin new businesses, volunteer more, scale back, shift expectations, reinvent relationships. They’ll rediscover what’s important through reflection, refocus, recommitment, all backed by the wisdom of maturity.

Looking Ahead: The Big Trends of 2011

By Diego Vasquez, Dec. 3, 2010

In a Q&A on the Media Life website, Marian Salzman, trendspotter and president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America, talks about how she identifies trends, which ones from 2010 panned out and why trendspotting is important. No doubt it’s always changing. To the question “What are the challenges in forecasting trends in a new year?” she answers: “The geopolitical situation is wildly turbulent. Think about WikiLeaks and the pressures between the Koreas. They are breaking news that may reshape some minds and mood. WikiLeaks has me obsessing on infoglut [information overload]. We are drowning in the findings. Enough is too much.”

Booting Up

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 3, 2010

Millennials today (people aged 18 to 25), in the opinion of Marian Salzman, “reflect the best and worst of all generations.” They are passionate about changing the world, and they’re connected to people constantly over social media…but many have been overprotected and therefore have an oversize feeling of entitlement and are oversensitive. So what does Salzman say in her annual trends report will happen next year based on these observations? “Watch out for the return of skin-thickening boot camps to toughen up kids and employees for the rigors of the 21st century.”

Marian Salzman of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR Releases List of Top Trends for 2011

By Mayuri, Dec. 3, 2010

This trend-focused website outlines some highlights of Marian Salzman’s latest annual trends report, from “a gradual shift to a simpler life” to change, which the site says will “not be a slogan but become a way of life.” Also: “Broadcast news will continue losing its importance to interactive content. Boot camps will make a comeback to toughen up kids for the 21st century. Men will no more be the masters of all they survey.”

Predictions: America’s Frustrated Middle Class

From The Economist, Dec. 2, 2010

The Economist’s The World in 2011 predictions calls out one of Marian Salzman’s forecasts for next year, Mad as Hell—and Only Getting Madder. (In a nutshell, that trend says that 2010 upped the ante for making Americans angry and that today’s 24/7 news and blogosphere amplify the hottest people and topics, which continues to add fuel to the fire.) In introducing the full text of that trend, the blog writer says, “Interestingly what she foresees coincides with the opinions of Arianna Huffington, who reckons the United States risks becoming ‘a third-world nation.’ ”

Public Mycasting System

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 2, 2010

Broadcasting is dead. Long live mycasting. Here’s how Marian Salzman describes her coinage in this post based on the fourth forecast in her 2011 trends report: “In 2011, we’ll have a serial epic of public postings in which ‘I’ and ‘my’ feature; postings by and about our very selves, even if we’re just reflecting on what we wear or whom we admire. I’ve spotted this trend and called it mycasting, and it could be as revolutionary as the printing press must have seemed to the pulpit.”

Mystic Marian

By Emma Brockes, Dec. 1, 2010

Marian Salzman is one of the world’s top trendspotters—which doesn’t mean reading palms, tea leaves or tarot cards. She has built a life and a career around seeking information, creating buzzwords, and distilling observations and taking them mainstream, all of which has led to the release of her annual trends forecast for the past two decades. Once dubbed “Mystic Meg of the business world” by the British tabloids, says the writer of this profile in BMI Airway’s in-flight magazine, Salzman has always led a busy, enthusiastic life, which has informed her trendspotting (the writer calls that “part study, part intuition”). What’s next? Salzman sees people wanting to unplug, leading to more resorts offering media-free destinations.

Euro RSCG Sees Hot Tempers, DIY Trending 2011

By Greg Hazley, Dec. 1, 2010

“Salzman says the ‘smart money’ is on a BP reputation turnaround next year. ‘Having shelled out a fortune in compensation and having been on a long-term diet of humble pie, there’s a fair chance that a rebooted BP will be a wiser and more responsible company,’ she said, wondering if the millions of Americans who seek reinvention themselves allow corporations to do the same.” Marian Salzman was talking to O’Dwyer’s about the “Reinvention, Part II” trend in her annual trends report, and she discussed a few more of her 11 trends for next year in this article.

Euro RSCG Worldwide PR Issues Trends Forecast for 2011

From Bulldog Reporter, Dec. 1, 2010

“Companies making money on the Internet, the graying of issues important to baby boomers, and the ideas that we now know as corporate social responsibility, the iPad and Facebook, among many others”—they’re all trends that Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, has forecast in her annual list for the upcoming year. For 2011, she predicts hyperpolarization and anger will continue to grow, plus 10 other trends and two dozen “Future Bytes”—quick hits about what to expect in everything from luxury brands and parenting to travel, science and alternative energy.

Teen Girls Seek Sales, Discounts

From Youth Markets Alert, Dec. 1, 2010

Euro RSCG Worldwide PR’s white paper “The Teenage Girl as Consumer and Communicator” continues to resonate with marketers. This article focuses on one fact the agency uncovered in its research: “Two in three teen girls say they justify an expensive purchase if they can purchase a good brand at a fair cost.” It also notes, though, that 61 percent tend to wait for a sale and 77 percent are more likely to buy items on sale than at full price. The other piece of data from ERWW PR’s research that was of interest to Youth Markets Alert was that teen girls like to start a relationship with a brand rather than be contacted by the brand first.

Net Gain

By Marian Salzman, Dec. 1, 2010

“In the United States, people say they don’t trust politicians, institutions, the media, the schools or the direction of the country,” says Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America, in her third post in a series of 12 based on her list of trends for 2011. “To compensate for this trust shutout, citizens of the world (who haven’t lost trust in self-reliance or technology) are increasingly looking to their networks.” Even though much of this means heading to the Internet on their quest for trust and interaction, people want to find real human connections there. One byproduct will be that people will show each other online a calculated but real projection of their values.


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