In the News – June 2012

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By Julia Hood, June 22, 2012

Two recent high-level departures from PR firms of people who had earlier made the jump from advertising is proving that “not all advertising people are a good hire,” says this article’s writer. “Hiring outside of communications is essential for the vitality of the profession, and clients and companies are the beneficiaries. But it’s not always a straightforward cultural fit.” Media relations is foreign to ad men and women, PR budgets are much smaller and the power propositions are very different, she adds, among other things. Read more by downloading the PDF of the full article, which includes ideas about how PR can benefit from advertising and vice versa, plus thoughts from @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman, who was an ad executive for many years before joining the PR world.

Euro RSCG’s TrendsU Takes E-Learning Global

By Karl Greenberg, June 22, 2012

In June, Euro RSCG Worldwide (ERWW) debuted a Web-driven e-learning program for its 11,000 global employees. Called TrendsU, the four-part course studies the future of trends. The first module was “TU101: Introduction to the Art and Science of Identifying What’s Next”; the next three advanced-level courses will discuss the impact of trends in the media and trendspotting for strategic leaders. Marian Salzman, a world-renowned trendspotter and CEO @erwwpr, is leading the courses. Says Naomi Troni, global chief marketing officer of ERWW: “We talk about ‘future first,’ and we want to get our clients thinking that way, so we decided to look at trendspotting, which every local office can contribute to. That gives us global feedback from our agencies around the world that can be used in trends reports.”

Inside the Cannes PR Lions Jury

By Marian Salzman, June 20, 2012

Here, @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman gives an overview of what bubbled up over six intense days as a PR category juror at the 2012 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. From a supposed surprise visit by a naked man at a La Redoute photo shoot to a detergent company that went to Japan to wash clothes after the earthquake, Salzman wonders: “Could the nearly two dozen professionals at the top of their game really be reviewing work that was meant to be game-changing but actually ended up sparking debates over appropriateness, sexuality and the like?” She also gives half a dozen ideas for reinventing the PR business, including this: “We must develop insights tools to ensure that our ideas go beyond the tactic to be the big, bold ideas that change the landscape and move the needle.”

Cannes Lions Judges Criticise PR Industry for Lacking ‘Big Ideas’

By Sara Luker, June 20, 2012

At this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, an advertising agency received the top award in the three-year-old PR category—for the third year in a row. The U.K. version of PRWeek interviewed a few of the judges for this category, who made comments such as this one about the PR entrants (and the PR industry at large): Agencies are “stuck in historic structures of having one person who is the client contact, the idea generator and also the budget keeper.” Says Marian Salzman, @erwwpr CEO and one of the judges: Many PR submissions were too tactical and lacked “the big idea.” But two managing directors of large PR agencies (who were not on the jury) mentioned that Cannes is so focused on creativity that its PR awards can’t take into account everything that public relations encompasses.

Banco Popular Takes Top Honours as PR Firms Miss Out at Cannes

By Arun Sudhaman, June 19, 2012

This paragraph in the Holmes Report article about the PR category at the 2012 Cannes Lions, in which JWT’s “Most Popular Song” initiative for Banco Popular won the Grand Prix, pretty much tells it all: “Once again, the winners list was dominated by entries from ad agencies. Of the 134 shortlisted entries (out of more than 1,100 in total) not a single PR firm won one of the 20 Gold Lions handed out this year, representing the PR industry’s worst return at the competition.” Adds @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman, one of the jurors: “‘All of the companies that have won gold had a deep insights process.… That’s the big transition PR needs to make.’”

JWT Snares PR Grand Prix for Banco Popular, Puerto Rico

By Matt Creamer, June 18, 2012

The top prize in the PR category at this year’s Cannes Lions festival was given to the San Juan office of JWT for work for its client Banco Popular. The jury, which included @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman, was fairly unanimous on honoring the merits of this campaign, which was designed to combat the heavy reliance on public assistance in Puerto Rico. They were also fairly unanimous about ad agencies performing better than PR firms in our multimedia-centered age. Says Salzman: “There’s an opportunity for the PR industry to develop an insights process that yields more than tactics.” Submissions were up 30 percent from last year, with a total of 1,130.

Roundtable: When Marketing and Public Relations Collide

By Arun Sudhaman, June 18, 2012

In continuing its examination of the convergence of marketing and public relations, the Holmes Report helped organize a roundtable of four senior PR executives with previous experience in marketing or advertising. Marian Salzman, @erwwpr CEO, was part of the group, which gave insight into the changes, including an increase in senior in-house marketers and communicators being called upon to oversee both marketing and PR. Says the article: “If there is a shift in the ‘balance of power,’ as Salzman termed it, then it can partly be attributed to the always-on engagement required in today’s real-time marketing world. ‘I don’t think PR people have changed as much as the need for great PR people has changed,’ noted the former JWT executive.” The group also discusses training PR practitioners in a marketing mindset, budgets and the briefing process.

Q&A with IRDC Roadshow Keynote Speaker Marian Salzman

From IRDC Roadshow, June 7, 2012

In conjunction with her keynote at the International Retail Design Conference’s recent gathering in Cincinnati, @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman was asked, “Can you think of examples of retailers who are ahead of the curve, successfully meeting the needs of socially conscious, social media–obsessed, mobile-in-hand millennials?” As part of her answer, she said this: “The retailers having the best luck moving mountains of stuff are quenching one or both of the millennials’ cravings—either their love of all things digital or their desire to live well by doing good. Today virtually all millennials shop under the tech influence, and the best retailers engage consumers in their extended networks and penetrate the space where we all live—online. I think French Connection, Zara, Mulberry, and Marks & Spencer have done well by allowing their Facebook fans to browse products on their Facebook and mobile phone, with many retailers sure to follow suit this year and next.” Download the PDF for more.


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