In the News — June 2013

A Major PR CEO Said the Industry Is ‘Too Feminized’

By Steve Raeburn, June 30, 2013

American PR would do well to borrow some chutzpah from modern Australian PR. At least that’s what Havas PR’s North American CEO, Marian Salzman, is quoted as saying in this Business Insider article, picked up from European marketing and media mag The Drum. Following the many plaudits Australian PR received in June at the Cannes Lions International Festivity of Creativity, Salzman mused: “[t]he communications agencies Down Under exemplify the anti-command-and-control sensibility that also serves as our ethos. That’s what seems to make greatness.… There’s a lesson here. There are a lot more all of us around the world can learn from this small country full of big ideas and big executions like the ones we saw from every Australian agency this year.”

America’s PR Industry Is Too Feminized and Politically Correct

By Marian Salzman, June 26, 2013

In this bylined piece, @havaspr CEO Marian Salzman says she’s worried that “our industry went middle-aged before we had a rebellious adolescence and an outlandish post-collegiate decade.” She came to this conclusion after pondering how the Cannes Lion festival has “become too expensive and corporate for the upstart sizzlers to enter more than the occasional kick-ass piece of work”—and how Cannes was dominated this year by Australian PR work, which she believes “exudes a great masculine energy, something we’re sadly missing” in the United States. Her kicker: “So the question for us all now is, how do we change it?”

Ad Fest Award Contenders That Will Make You Cry

By Laura Petrecca, June 22, 2013

As a preview to the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, USA Today compiles of roundup of ads that tug at the heartstrings. “Many of the top award contenders … put forth moving messages,” says the article. But, says Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America, “a fine line” exists between nailing the sentimentality and turning off viewers. “You can’t be so sappy sweet that it feels like a geriatric ad,” Salzman adds. The article also lists some of the tearjerkers that are serious candidates for gold Lions, including Procter & Gamble’s salute to moms of Olympic athletes and Dodge’s recognition of farmers.

Dads Offer Their Answer to Mumsnet⎯By Joining the Blogging Craze

By Susie Mesure, June 21, 2013

Britain’s fifth annual BritMums Live blogging conference will introduce its first ever dads panel later this month. The change reflects a demographic shift in the parenting blogosphere, according to The Independent; in just the past year the number of dads in the U.K. with blogs rose from 100 to 250 (out of 5,000 total parenting blogs), and the subject matter is often quite different than what you might find on their wives’ photo-heavy, crafts-related blogs. Says one father blogger: “The dad blogs, I think, often give a completely different take on subjects and perhaps don’t sugar-coat things so much. They say exactly what they think.” The article quotes Havas PR CEO Marian Salzman predicting “the rise of child-orientated, masculinity-challenging programme makers, brands and advertisers to reflect the essence of this emerging new reality.”

PR Firms Inch Closer to the Top Prize at Cannes

By Lindsay Stein, June 17, 2013

“The PR industry made a lot of progress this year,” said David Gallagher, senior partner and CEO for EMEA at Ketchum and chair of the PR Lions jury in this PRWeek article. “We submitted more entries, got more shortlisted, and achieved more winners.” Gallagher added that he’d be “surprised if a PR agency doesn’t win the Grand Prix in the next year or two.” Among the many PR winners (this article notes that PR agencies walked away with more Gold and Silver awards at the 2013 Cannes PR Lions than in previous years) is Havas PR North America, which was part of a team that worked on the #GivingTuesday initiative of the 92nd Street Y and United Nations Foundation.

‘Dumb Ways to Die’ Kills With 2 Grand Prix—in Direct and PR

By Tim Nudd, June 17, 2013

The Cannes Grand Prix in the Direct and PR Lions categories was the super-viral “Dumb Ways to Die” train-safety video for the Melbourne Metro. The three-minute animated music video, which also received a Gold Lion in the Promo & Activation category, is part of an integrated campaign that includes a song that reached the global Top 10 on iTunes within 24 hours. PRWeek also calls out top U.S. PR winners at Cannes, including Havas PR North America, part of a team that worked on the #GivingTuesday charitable giving initiative of the 92nd Street Y and United Nations Foundation.

Accounts and People of Note in the Advertising Industry

From The New York Times, June 9, 2013

From this New York Times roundup: “Ravi Sunnak joined Havas PR North America, New York, in a new post, executive vice president for corporate and cause, leading the worldwide Coty account and also leading a new branding consultancy, Havas Peaks. He had been managing director at Grayling, New York. Havas PR North America is part of Havas Worldwide, a division of the Havas Creative unit of Havas.”

Forbes Writer Explains Austin Envy

By Sarah Drake, June 5, 2013

This business brief notes the column written by Marian Salzman, a world-renowned trendspotter, about being “in the grips of Austin envy.” As the writer of the piece notes, Salzman pointed out the friendly business climate and draws such as the University of Texas, Whole Foods headquarters and South By Southwest. “Like SXSW, Austin (nicknamed Silicon Hills),” said Salzman, “is an incubator of creativity, a place where people know they can find like-minded collaborators and where an appearance can make a reputation. It’s a party that’s not to be missed.”


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