In the News — May 2013

How Using My Brain Has Helped It Heal

By Marian Salzman, May 29, 2013

It didn’t take long for Havas PR North America’s CEO, Marian Salzman, to return to work after surgery to remove a brain tumor. But in this Huffington Post piece, she writes that she was happy to concentrate on her job post-craniotomy. “Work gives me a focus, a framework, a welcome distraction—especially the work that feels good,” she says. “One of the main projects helping me heal … is to bring some healing to the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy. More than that: I credit this work with inspiring my recovery.”

Sunnak Joins Havas PR as Corporate and Cause EVP

By Brittaney Kiefer, May 28, 2013

Ravi Sunnak has been appointed EVP of corporate and cause for Havas PR North America, reports PRWeek. Sunnak, who worked previously as managing director for Grayling, will work at Havas PR’s New York office, where he’ll report to North American CEO Marian Salzman. His job description includes spearheading corporate communications and further prioritizing the firm’s cause and CSR work, as well as overseeing global accounts for Coty and leading the agency’s executive branding offering, Havas Peaks. His is a new position within the firm.

PR Star Going Strong Despite Two Brain Tumors

By Sheila Wilensky, May 15, 2013

This piece in the Arizona Jewish Post updates readers on the health and history of new Tucson resident Marian Salzman. The Havas PR North America CEO also owns a home in Stamford, Conn., but moved to Tucson “on a lark” and says “this is home now,” although she still crisscrosses the continent because of her work base in New York City. Salzman recently had her second brain tumor removed—an ordeal that continues to inspire her agency work with clients like the Bob Woodruff Foundation and the Emilie Parker Art Connection. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten way more interested in working for the good guys,” Salzman says, “although I still go to work every day to help brand soft drinks.”

How to Improve Diversity in PR: Fix the Creativity & Measurement Problems

By Alex Singleton, May 12, 2013

U.K. public relations strategist and former journalist Alex Singleton writes here on his blog about bettering the PR industry. He discusses efforts in his country to diversify the workforce economically and racially and about polls conducted to see where PR stands as a career choice for young people. Then he says this: “[T]o ensure that PR is a meritocracy, there are two things that the PR industry should do. The first is to solve its creativity problem. I’m with [Havas PR North America CEO] Marian Salzman, a judge at last year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, when she said that PR needs ‘big ideas.’ … Secondly, proper measurement of PR results has the potential to overpower prejudice and reward people for genuine achievements.”


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