In the News — October 2013

Why We Created a Startup with Two 22-Year-Olds

By Marian Salzman, Oct. 23, 2013

“I’m still a firm believer in the importance of the experience that comes with age. But in the always-on, ever-changing landscape of social media, experience isn’t the only worthy attribute. Or even necessarily the best. How can one be acutely experienced in something that didn’t exist five years or five months or five minutes ago?” With that, Havas PR North America CEO Marian Salzman begins to explain why she conceived SocialProvidence, a social media consultancy run by two recent college graduates (and Venture for America fellows) that’s supported by her agency.

Senay Re-elected as Council of PR Firms Chairman

By Diana Bradley, Oct. 23, 2013

Havas PR North America CEO Marian Salzman is among the directors of the Council of Public Relations Firms named in this article as continuing in her role into 2014. Dave Senay, president and CEO of FleishmanHillard, who was re-elected chair, says, according to the writer of this article, that the council wants to develop “stronger techniques and procedures for negotiating with procurement departments,” “target diversity in the PR industry” and agree on measurement standards, among other goals. The council’s initiatives in 2013 included a video contest and a resource guide and training module for PR firms about ethical business decision-making.

Public Relations Industry Grows 8% Globally in 2012, Survey Reveals

By Chido Nwakanma, Oct. 20, 2013

In this article outlining the state of public relations according to the “World PR Report 2013,” from The Holmes Report and the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), the global Havas PR collective is named as one of the top 10 firms globally. According to the report, says the article, for the third year in a row, “the global public relations industry grew by around 8 percent in 2012, with independent firms outperforming large multinationals.” According to ICCO Chief Executive Francis Ingham in the article, “[The industry’s] goal now must be to build on the progress made over those past years and entrench PR as the strategic tool of choice for every organization that takes itself seriously.”

The Power 50 List

By Michael Kaminer, Oct. 8, 2013

The New York Observer revealed its inaugural list of the 50 most powerful public relations agencies in New York, and Havas PR is listed as No. 17. The Observer took agency size and revenue into account but also considered a mix of people, clients, access, attitude, status and results. Power isn’t about size, the author argues: “It’s about controlling access, guiding businesses that make New York great, and about what some wags call ‘omnichannel ubiquity’: knowing how to dominate media in all its modern forms.” The article says Havas PR is led by “PR superstar Marian Salzman” and calls out its Red Thread strategic process for connecting with clients and consumers.

Take It from Me, Kid

By Órla Ryan, Oct. 8, 2013

Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America, is one of five PR chiefs interviewed by The New York Observer to share her biggest coup and best advice. “Helping make 2013 the company’s best-ever year,” she answers in part for the former. As for best advice? “You are joining the business of reality branding and real-time news crafting. Figure out how to codify your brand in 140 characters, including a memorable hashtag, because attention spans have shrunk to nearly zero.”

Corporate Social Media Responsibility Is Making Business Better

By Michael Cunningham, SocialProvidence, Oct. 4, 2013

Social media is morphing businesses into better, more socially responsible businesses, posits SocialProvidence Co-Manager Michael Cunningham. Michael argues that companies now more than ever need an honest and authentic digital persona in this highly transparent social age, and he lays out guidelines for ensuring what he calls corporate social media responsibility (CSMR), including “Engage honestly” and “Know your place.”

Honda Picks Twitter Fights with Snack Brands to Promote New In-car Vacuum

By Ben Popken, Oct. 3, 2013

Honda fired (playful) shots at other brands on Twitter in a marketing ploy to promote a new in-car vacuum available in some of its minivans and wound up causing an all-out brawl with brands such as Taco Bell and Oreo, which came back with raised fists (but all with tongue firmly in cheek). “Social media means hustle, jiggle, enjoy the new jungle,” says Havas PR North America CEO Marian Salzman in the article. “Honda deserves a salute for doing it.”

The New Consumer

By Marian Salzman, Fall 2013

In tandem with her presentation for the California Grocers Association about trends shaping changes for news, brands, retailers and cultures, Havas PR CEO Marian Salzman wrote this feature story for CGA’s magazine. It talks about changes in the country’s collective mood and mindset between 2008 and 2013 dwarfing other recent such evolutions. These changes have, she begins, “made themselves known throughout all aspects of American mood and behavior, but they’re often especially pronounced where shopping is concerned—shopping for splurges and discretionary purchases … and shopping for everyday necessities, which can’t be done without, such as groceries.”


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