In the News – September 2011

McSorley Selected for Award

From Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Sept. 29, 2011

@erwwpr’s Mid-Atlantic president, Katie McSorley, will be honored as Communicator of the Year by the Pittsburgh chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. McSorley’s award is in recognition of her work on Pittsburgh’s bid to host the 2012 One Young World youth summit. Her efforts to organize a coalition of Pittsburgh businesses and nonprofits to bolster the proposal paid off: The OYW summit will be held in Pittsburgh next year. McSorley will collect the award at IABC/Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle Awards on Oct. 6.

Bye-Bye, 9 to 5: The ‘Renaissance Career’ Is Here!

By Melanie Yarbrough, Sept. 20, 2011

The term “9 to 5” now no longer applies to today’s workplaces, says this writer. And millennials especially, who are savvy about tech and social media, are figuring out how to use this “new normal” to their advantage. Mostly it happens by being jacks-of-many trades, including everything in their lives from freelancing and volunteering to building a business based on a passion and raising families. The article quotes Greg Housser, a Euro RSCG Worldwide employee who was featured on CNN in a story about ERWW PR CEO Marian Salzman and how she manages millennials. Says Greg: “I have a girlfriend, I have a family, I have friends, and these are all things that are very important because we work to live, not the other way around.”

PR’s New Best Friend: Social-Media-Savvy Journos

By Alexandra Bruell, Sept. 19, 2011

“Today, PR pros are drooling over the journalist or news organization with the most followers on Twitter,” says this article. At the same time, says the writer, “PR execs also struggle with trying to understand the value in 4,000 retweets vs. an article that only a few people read.” Marian Salzman, CEO of @erwwpr, gave the example of an agency project for client The French Will Never Forget, which got placements in USA Today and The New York Times but was most excited about the fact that CNN retweeted it. But, Salzman adds, underscoring the unknowns: “Are [retweets] just amplifying it, or are people actually engaging? We need a tool to measure this impact. Nobody knows, but we better figure it out fast.”

Lights Out, Game On

By Penelope Green, Sept. 14, 2011

Sleep is big business, as this writer notes: “In 2010, Americans spent more than
$5.8 billion on their mattresses and box springs, up 4 percent from the year before.” A variety of new products are covering this industry, from sheets made out of athletic high-tech performance fabrics to mattresses that look like sneakers—even sleep power bars. “We are hyper-competitive, even when it comes to stress and relaxation,” says @erwwpr CEO Marian Salzman, among her insights in this piece. “And we want to amp up our lives, to ensure we have and enjoy the very best, better than others.”

Moved to Action

By Marian Salzman, Sept. 12, 2011

People and cultures the world over are feeling “so full of stress that they’re stirred from passive acceptance to real action,” says Marian Salzman in this bylined piece. It’s a sea-change of dissent, the topic covered by Euro RSCG in a white paper that sums up research on the millennial generation for One Young World, the global youth leadership summit. There are many reasons and theories and communications vehicles for the anger, but in the midst of it is optimism and hope. And that’s where OYW comes in, says Salzman, in its energy to get the planet’s political and business leaders to take action on some of the world’s most pressing issues. Today’s global citizens are no longer accepting of decisions being made on their behalf and, like the OYW delegates, are speaking out and creating change.

Once in a Tech Time

By Marian Salzman, Sept. 8, 2011

Marian Salzman’s bottom line in her latest ThinkTank column for the Holmes Report: “Is the ad biz having the equivalent of a midlife crisis as it searches for ways to reach, retool and redefine a jaded consumer base that eats the latest technology for breakfast, lunch and dinner?” We’ve entered an era of more tactical marketing, she says: “It’s not that all this digital marketing is not strategic; it’s just that much messaging has become more multilayered, more tech-focused than ever.” But she likes thinking about the opportunities and sees steps toward a future where tech in ads is as important as the ad’s concept.

PR News Q&A: Integrate Google+ Into Your PR Strategy Now

From PR News, Sept. 6, 2011

In a Q&A, Romey Louangvilay, social media Newsengine manager for @erwwpr, talks about how to incorporate Google+ into PR strategies. From the unique opportunities it offers brands to differences from Facebook, the tips in this article are a partly a preview of Louangvilay’s talk at the PR News Digital PR Summit on Oct. 5. “In addition to explaining how to create a Google+ profile and use it to benefit your brand,” he said, “attendees can expect me to explain how Google+ will help transform their PR and social strategy into a more integrated plan that will help brands connect with their desired audiences on a more intimate level.”

One Young World Summit Coming to Pittsburgh in 2012

By Mark Roth, Sept. 4, 2011

Next year, about 2,000 of the world’s young leaders will gather in Pittsburgh for the third One Young World summit, thanks to a winning bid organized by the Euro RSCG Worldwide PR staff there. The bid got all basic logistics right (like number of hotel rooms available) and had creative ideas for delegate activities, and it was a huge collaborative effort among different sectors of the business community and the city. But, says Katie McSorley, head of the @erwwpr Pittsburgh office, One Young World Co-Founder Kate Robertson also said “our bid was full of heart and passion and no one else’s came close.”

Blog from Switzerland

By Elena Kirillova and Olga Khrustaleva, Sept. 1, 2011

Russia was one of the 170-plus countries that sent delegates to the One Young World summit for young global leaders, held this year in Zurich. The full group of delegates discussed business, health, media, the environment and other important global issues, with an eye toward change. “Young is wonderful. Young has the future, young has hopes and young has time,” says Marian Salzman, CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, part of the company that organized the summit. One of the founders, Euro RSCG U.K. Group Chairman Kate Robertson, said she “believes some of the delegates will in time emerge as leaders of their countries and global businesses.”

Agencies Tap CMOs to Extend Growth

By Tony Case, Sept. 1, 2011

The position of chief marketing officer is becoming more prominent as agencies look toward putting themselves in the best possible light—and compete for new business. Marian Salzman, CEO of @erwwpr, who was CMO at JWT, added her take on why more agencies are filling such positions: “We’re all hanging onto growth by our dear fingers.” The CMO role, she adds, means someone is “out there always driving growth more objectively” on the agency’s behalf.


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