In the News – August 2010

Hurricane Wyclef: PR Lessons from a Presidential Campaign

By Marian Salzman, Aug. 31, 2010

In one brief month, Wyclef Jean exploded onto the global political scene. From the time that news of his intended announcement to run for president of his home country, Haiti, was leaked on the Internet, to the time he was disqualified from running (and then began to pursue an appeal), Euro RSCG Worldwide PR was with him, leading his media and communications strategy. Marian Salzman, the agency’s president, says in this opinion piece that she “experienced a phenomenon” that month. “Almost 10.8 billion total media impressions later, spanning six continents, we saw a celebrity transform into a serious contender virtually overnight,” she added. Salzman shares four of the lessons she learned while working on this campaign.

Teen Girls Seek Balance But Still Spend Strong

By Marian Salzman, Aug. 20, 2010

In this opinion piece in PRWeek’s online edition, Euro RSCG Worldwide PR President Marian Salzman offers some details about the agency’s recent survey of hundreds of teen girls nationwide on various trends. Euro RSCG PR also talked to members of its teen initiative called The Sisterhood and to Blair Fowler (aka Juicystar07, the 17-year-old online fashion guru with hundreds of thousands of followers on her YouTube channel) to round out its research. Among the findings: Girls have more money to spend than last year at this time, are eager to return to classes and will buy fewer brand-name back-to-school goods. Plus, what they’re looking for in life now includes their personal-best style and the ever elusive balance.

Cursing at Work Comes Under Fire

By Eve Tahmincioglu, Aug. 2, 2010

Goldman Sachs has banned cursing in e-mails sent by its employees. “But,” as this writer notes, “completely eliminating cursing on the job may be even harder than eradicating fraud on Wall Street.” She asked Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, for her take. “ ‘I think truck-driving speak has invaded modern language and won’t go away,’ said trend-spotting guru Marian Salzman, who’s been credited with coining the word ‘metrosexual.’ The cyber age, she added, has accelerated this foul-language phenomenon. ‘WTF will be the single most common response.’ ”

40 Under 40 2010: Early Influencers

By Sheelagh Doyle, Aug. 1, 2010

In its fourth year, PRWeek’s “40 Under 40” feature honors public relations professionals under the age of 40 who have “already made significant contributions to their agencies, clients and organizations,” says the magazine. One of those this year is Eric Edge, 33, global chief communications officer for Euro RSCG Worldwide and executive vice president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR. Among other accolades, the article says Edge “is committed to promoting the agency’s belief that social responsibility is at the core of business success.” It calls out his efforts for One Young World and the “Tck Tck Tck” campaign and his work as a volunteer for various organizations.


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