Our Lucky Numbers—and Yours

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Marian Salzman

Today is exceptional for numerous reasons—just ask the thousands of couples who plan to get married on this special date: 12/12/12. For Havas PR, this day (the last triple date for 100 years) marks the finale of one terrific agency initiative and the debut of our next one. (120M Books is what it’s called; read on for more information.)

For the first 12 days of December, Havas PR North America has been working with a new charitable organization each day, donating our time and industry skills to help with whatever they need. We call it the 12 Days of Havas, and we’re very excited about doing something good for people around us while highlighting the collaborative nature of our agency and our capacity for innovative thinking and action. We’ve helped the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Delete Blood Cancer, #GivingTuesday, GMHC, the Home Base Program, K.I.D.S., One Young World, Pajama Program, the Ronald McDonald House of New York, the University of Arizona’s Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Program, and Venture for America—primarily providing media relations and strategy and event planning expertise, but so much more.

At our parent company, Havas Worldwide, the importance of CSR really resonates—starting with our Global CEO David Jones. I’m so proud of the PR team for truly living those values and demonstrating yet again how we earned our spot on PR News’ CSR A-List this year.

According to numerologists, 12/12/12 is an awesome day to begin a new business venture. Lucky for us, since today is the launch of our agency’s new publishing imprint, 120M Books. “120M” is code for our slice of the smart reading meal: 120 minutes’ worth. It’s the latest extension of our commitment to the independent and futuristic publication of brainfood. For more information, go to 120MBooks.com. You can also register there for access to exclusive featured content. And on this auspicious day only, 12/12/12, at 120MBooks.com, you can receive a free download of our first e-book, What’s Next? What to Expect in 2013—it’s the final act of giving for 12 Days of Havas.

Our annual trends report, What’s Next? is a compilation of more than 150 predictions in 30 categories, from Africa and alternative economies to health, science, weather and your psyche. One thing What’s Next? doesn’t predict is the end of the world. We’ll leave that to the Mayans.

Here’s a sneak peek of five things we do predict in the book:

  1. For Education: Watch for a rethink on ages and education: an end of higher education at 18—and the beginning of life apprenticeships that take people from 19 to 29 and prepare them for lifelong reinvention.
  2. For Home Life: The recent couch-surfing fad has given birth to a bona fide trend as a business model: airbnb. Inviting strangers into your home is the new normal; so is charging them a fair price for their overnight stay.
  3. For Love and Relationships: Love used to be equated with magic, but today it seems to be a much more exotic futuristic cocktail of technology platforms and algorithms, enhanced with a dab of Hallmark greeting card sentiments.
  4. For Tomorrow’s Money: Gift cards and PreCash cards seem to be overtaking stores as we become more comfortable giving people prepaid shopping as a thank you or to celebrate a milestone. Whatever form, make no mistake: We want our money now.
  5. For Weather: In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the real conversation should be about what it all means for clean, accessible water and fighting wildfires. By 2030, according to a U.N. report, almost half the global population will be living in water-stressed areas. So what will burn next?

Enjoy your free download of our debut e-pub. (Hurry—it’s free today only.)

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