Personal Branding Digest, May 1, 2015

Posted on May 1, 2015 by Havas PR

How to Grow Your Personal Brand on Twitter in Only 10 Minutes a Day
(Marketing Land, 17.04.15)

Here’s the situation. You’re trying to grow your personal brand, and Twitter is a necessary part of that for digital marketers. You don’t have much time. You can’t afford a social media manager. But you want to increase your brand’s value. How do you do it?

10 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand (and Why You Should)
(AlleyWatch, 15.04.15)

The term “personal brand” has become a buzzword recently. So what is it, exactly? Your personal brand is how people see you; how they’d describe you—similar to how people describe famous people or companies. It is the set of values and characteristics that describe who you are and guide your choices—in work and in life. Your personal brand is what makes you, you.

Convert Social Media Leads into Sales for Your Personal Brand
(Business2Community, 27.02.15)

In the era of online networking it is important to make meaningful connections to make your personal brand stand out.

The 5 Keys to Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand
(Entrepreneur, 27.02.15)

Personal branding on social media is a topic we’d love to dive into a bit deeper, starting with this overview of tips and strategies. I’m grateful to have found a number of useful tips on how building a personal brand can be made easier with social media. Here’s how to get started.

“I know who I am by now. And I am my own brand.” —Chloe Sevigny

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