Consumer/Lifestyle Branding Digest, April 27, 2016

The Growth of Consumer Markets, Thanks to Social Media
(, 26.04.16)

Social media has brought about many digital trends and has crossed several niches. But one unexpected cross-market has to come with social media’s influence on the consumer market. Now more than ever, there is a burgeoning market full of consumer-friendly products being specially marketed to target audiences. It’s easier than ever to create a shop, sell products, and move to have your marketing complete to the right audience.

9 Worst Social Media Blunders of the Year
(Ragan’s PR Daily, 14.04.16)

We’re only a few months into 2016, but the Internet never sleeps—and neither do social media blunders. From Coca-Cola to MTV and online fashion publications we’d otherwise never know about, these are some of the top “online oops” so far this year.

Marketing Unbound, Competing in the Age of Disruption
(Branding Magazine, 03.04.16)

Now more than ever, marketing is about creating relevance for a brand in every customer interaction. It’s about connecting with and serving the customer in ways that foster lasting relationships, that feeds the company’s intelligence, and in turn, makes it even more relevant to the customer.

Don’t Overlook the Over-65s: The Four Groups of Retirees that Marketers Need to Understand
(Marketing Week, 17.03.16)

The UK population is older and wealthier than it has ever been but in order to communicate with older consumers effectively marketers need to understand the diverging sets of retirees, new research finds.

“Content marketing needs social media support to ensure that you reach your maximum potential audience.” —Heidi Cohen

Consumer/Lifestyle Branding Digest, March 16, 2016

Brands Shouldn’t Associate a Simple Strategy with Being Boring, Says Innocent
(Marketing Week, 09.03.16)

Having a clear, honest and simple strategy is vital to attract young consumers, says Jamie Sterry brand activation manager at Innocent, but this can’t be confused with “being boring.”.

Is Social Media Marketing Still Relevant?
(The Huffington Post, 04.03.16)

Since the advent of social media, brands have been scrambling for ways to engage fans and monetize from their expressed fandom. More than one billion people are on Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform, while billions of others are on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and so on.

Leanplum: Mobile Marketers Struggle with Relevancy
(Mobile Marketing Watch, 02.03.16)

Brittany Fleit of mobile marketing automation company Leanplum announced the findings of a new study on Tuesday — info that should serve as a wake-up call to the mobile marketing community.

6 Ways National Brands Fail at Local Marketing
(Forbes, 29.01.16)

Alaina Shearer (How Alaina Shearer Launched a $1.2M Digital Marketing Agency As A Single Mom), founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Cement Marketing, has found her success helping national companies resonate in local markets. She observes lots of missed opportunity in this space. ”The opportunity to connect with consumers on a local level has never been easier, but national and global brands continue to miss the mark – big time,” says Columbus, Ohio based Shearer.

“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.” —David Brier

Consumer/Lifestyle Branding Digest, February 3, 2016

CEO Wants ‘More Experiences’ for Macy’s Inc. M-Shoppers
(WCPO Insider, 24.01.16)

When it comes to making the cash register ring, experience matters.

Four Ways to Make Your Marketing More Shoppable
(Marketing Week, 11.01.16)

Net-a-Porter, House of Fraser and The Guardian are linking the online and offline worlds to engage with their customers more effectively. We look at the key ways brands can make the most out of shopper marketing in 2016.

7 Brands Who Are Keeping It Real on Facebook & Twitter (and What You Can Learn from Them)
(Search Engine Journal, 07.12.15)

The Internet is a big place, and your content can easily get lost in the noise. Which is why more brands are using social media as a place to create real connections with their customer base. Here are a few brands who are succeeding at keeping it real on social media and creating solid, human connections in the process.

Digital Shopping Preferences Vary Among Age Groups
(O’Dwyer’s, 04.12.15)

Major distinctions exist among age groups when it comes to digital purchasing habits, according to a report released this week by ad organization the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and understanding these digital differences could prove crucial for marketers attempting to target consumers of a particular generation.

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” —Beth Comstock

Consumer/Lifestyle Branding Digest, December 23, 2015

10 Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Brand Needs to Know
(Forbes, 11.12.15)

Instagram can be a bit of a mystery for business owners. As a commenter on one of my recent articles wrote, “If you’re not a celebrity, it’s very hard to be famous on Instagram”. While this may be true, I’m betting you’re not looking to get famous; rather, you want to build a solid presence on the platform in order to engage and connect with your target market. This article will walk you through my top 10 tips for using Instagram to do just that.

Message to Major Brands: Social Media Won’t Give You Cooties
(PRWeek, 24.11.15)

Social media is ubiquitous – so much so that you can’t blink without seeing a “how to” story on how marketers and brands use it and how they can use it better.

What’s in Your Email Marketing Toolbox?
(MediaPost, 12.11.15)

The right tools save time and effort and produce better results, whether you are installing an irrigation system in your backyard or deploying an email-marketing program.

How to Get Customers to Choose You Over Big Brands
(Business2Community, 05.12.15)

Independent brands are built on the sweat, blood and time of its owner. And you know what? All that hard work doesn’t go in vain. Independent brands are becoming popular again.

“If you can shift your thinking away from merely selling and into building trust instead, even if it costs you a few bucks in profit, you’ll begin to see opportunities you never imagined once you understand what it means to ‘wow’ that customer by giving them more than they expected!” —Chris Zane

Corporate Branding Digest, November 30, 2015

Our Company Needs You: The Rise of Employer Branding
(The Business of Fashion, 30.11.15)

With limited growth prospects on the horizon the industry’s battle for talent is intensifying — and companies are investing in employer brands in a bid to attract the best of the best.

Employee Happiness Is Key Predictor of Loyalty
(Bloomberg BNA, 23.11.15)

Tracking employee happiness can help employers determine which workers are most likely to leave the organization and how to get them to change their minds, according to a report released by Swedish-based employer branding firm Universum.

Enhance the Candidate Experience with Employer Branding
(Business2Community, 16.11.15)

The latest buzzword in human resources and talent acquisition is the candidate experience. The candidate experience refers to the process a job applicant goes through to become an employee. The reason this is so important right now is that once the economy improved, it became a job applicant’s market. The days when a company could get someone way overqualified for relatively cheap are over. Now, candidates are in control and they’re flocking to the job market in record numbers. Many companies are finding it difficult to keep employees and to fill new positions. With candidates in control, they now demand more information to make a decision on whether to join a company or not.

The CEO of Jamba Juice on How to Create an Engaging Corporate Culture of Health and Wellness
(Forbes, 05.10.15)

The corporate culture at Jamba Juice is centered on their core values. Health and well-being runs through Jamba Juice’s veins. If you can actively engage individuals inside of a company to build a culture they want to live in, you have a much higher chance of being successful. Personal investment of the individuals of your company, helps move the culture and performance of the company as a whole ahead. There is a large shift in people who want to work for a company that they feel connected to. Using feedback to source your information first hand, you can capture the spirit of each employee, creating the benefits that not only provide a passion to their work, but a corporate culture that drives a happy and productive workforce.

“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person, not just an employee, are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled.” —Anne Mulcahy

Personal Branding Digest, October 2, 2015

When It Comes to Personal Branding, David Price Is Right
(The Globe and Mail, 01.10.15)

In the marketing world, we constantly work with executives on their personal branding in an effort to humanize them in the eyes of their customers and position them as thought leaders within their industries. Any executive looking to develop a personal brand would be wise to take some notes from David Price.

7 Tricks for Building Your Personal Brand
(Business2Community, 18.09.15)

The concept of a brand can include many things – emotions, images, stories – but its essence hasn’t changed. A company’s brand – and a person’s brand – is an identifying mark. And it can make all the difference.

Grow Your Brand by Creating an Alter Ego
(Entrepreneur, 12.08.15)

Superman has Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne has Batman and Granger Smith has Earl Dibbles Jr. Granger Smith is a country music star and curator of one of pop culture’s most beloved alter egos. For the sake of your brand platform, I encourage you to take a page out of Smith’s playbook and create an alter ego for yourself.

The Most Valuable LinkedIn Feature You Aren’t Using
(Forbes, 06.08.15)

LinkedIn has evolved tremendously since it was founded in 2002. They have transformed their platform from a simple online resume and networking site to a comprehensive system for managing all your personal branding activities and actions. They have been adding features regularly, providing a richer and more productive experience that allows you to forge strong and meaningful relationships with your connection.

“Don’t be scared to present the real you to the world, authenticity is at the heart of success.” —Unknown

Personal Branding Digest, September 11, 2015

7 Haute Tips to Make Your Personal Brand Soar
(Haute Living, 01.09.15)

“Keeping up with the Joneses” was a show that originated in the early 1920s. Fast forward generations later and we are literally “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Comparing what we have with celebrities is superfluous at the best of times, but we do it nonetheless. We buy what they have, wear what they wear, date similar people to whom they date, in essence we have aligned ourselves with what these people represents and who we would perhaps like to be.

Personal Branding: A Must for the College-Bound, CEO and Everyone in Between
(The Huffington Post, 26.08.15)

Personal branding isn’t just for college students angling to enter the workforce. Rather, personal branding is a lifelong effort, one that’s constantly evolving and requires regular maintenance. Our individual brands define who we are in the workforce — they guide our career paths and have an indelible impact on our financial future. In short, they’re one of the most important aspects of professional life.

Attract Website Visitors for Your Personal Brand Through Social Media
(Business2Community, 25.07.15)

A successful traffic generation strategy for your website is done with a combination of great optimization, content, and a solid social media marketing strategy. The new rules of SEO don’t need to be a hindrance to attracting more visitors as using this powerful online tool helps your brand connect with your audience.

You’re Branding Yourself All Wrong
(Forbes, 12.06.15)

Peter: Nice to meet you both! This is good. I really want to get your advice on my branding. I’m in a career change.

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” —Socrates

Lifestyle/Consumer Branding Digest, August 19, 2015

What Does an Emotional Connection with Your Customers Look Like?
(Business2Community, 04.08.15)

The web today allows brands to make more personal and emotional connections with their customer base. Such connections will look different depending on who your audience is, what your offerings are, the channels your customers pay attention to, and many other factors.

Natural May Be Bad for Your Marketing Health
(Campaign, 30.07.15)

What happens when a long-standing marketing paradigm is undermined? Something so well-established, we apply it without thinking; so incontrovertibly true, no-one questions it. When it’s pointed out that naturally healthy dried fruit snacks are worse for you than a packet of Haribo (a client of ours), and that a Big Mac is healthier than a handmade Pret baguette, we may be about to find out.

Time to Cut Through the Digital-Marketing Tools Noise
(, 03.06.15)

With today’s rapid pace of innovation in digital marketing, marketing pros face a daily barrage of sales pitches for new tech tools. All the options make it difficult to cut through the noise and assess what your company truly needs.

Telefonica’s Jonathan Earle: Brands Are Missing Out on Sales by Making It Hard Work for Customers
(Marketing Week, 18.05.15)

As consumers we are balancing so much in our lives. Work, home, family, sports, social, the quantified self. We are cramming more and more into our day. People are more and more restless trying to multitask as much as possible—keeping up with the Joneses has never been so hard and relentless.

“Branding demands commitment—commitment to continual reinvention, striking chords with people to stir their emotions and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.” —Richard Branson

Personal Branding Digest, June 26, 2015

Mastering LinkedIn, the Personal Branding Epicenter of the Internet
(Entrepreneur, 04.06.15)

LinkedIn enters into every conversation I have about personal branding. It comes up in the daily conversations I have about content marketing and new media advertising. And whenever I’m tasked with helping people get started with social media marketing, the discussion always includes LinkedIn.

Taking Personal Branding to an Experiential Level
(The Epoch Times, 26.05.15)

I get asked by business owners all the time: How do I communicate my value in such a clear way that prospects choose me every time? The answer is simple, but the delivery is quite complex. What you need to do is rethink your personal brand and make it as experiential as possible so that it delivers on the results you promised clients and also over-delivers on their expectations.

How to Avoid the Five Worst Personal Branding Mistakes
(Forbes, 23.05.15)

It’s hard to talk or write about yourself. We don’t know where to start. On top of that, articles and books and webinars for years have been teaching people the most heinous personal branding ideas imaginable. We’ve been taught to bury our personalities under piles of bureaucratic sludge. No wonder people are confused about how to describe themselves in writing!

Expand Your Personal Brand with Industry Influencers
(Business2Community, 12.05.15)

Authority and influence is top dog in today’s social-driven marketplace. Your brand’s reputation is seen through who your connections are and how authentic your persona is.

“Look for possibilities and progress, don’t compare and justify.” —Alicia Enciso

Cause Branding Digest, June 23, 2015

Time to Hit the Corporate Social Responsibility ‘Reset Button’
(Forbes, 31.05.15)

It is only a slight overstatement to say that over the last several decades corporate social responsibility “CSR” programs have become commonplace within many large companies and financial institutions, particularly those who have investments abroad. This is especially the case for sizeable private foreign firms operating in emerging markets, where enterprise-sponsored initiatives aimed at facilitating economic development are seen as avenues for business to “do well by doing good.”

New Demand Driving Sustainable Food Growth
(Marketing Week, 29.05.15)

Sales of organic and locally sourced foods are on the increase and the wider food industry is once again looking to sustainability as a differentiator, with McDonald’s and KFC making new sourcing commitments, but brands still have work to do to convince consumers.

10 Steps to a Dynamic Corporate Responsibility Annual Report
(Entrepreneur, 28.04.15)

Knowing how to develop and launch a successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program and branding your CSR efforts are two very different things. Although there are numerous ways, one of the best ways to effectively brand your program is through an annual report outlining the efforts and accomplishments of the previous last 12 months. While every annual CSR and sustainability report looks different, the goal is the same: to captivate, inform and excite your reading audience.

5 Ways to Promote a Giving Corporate Culture All Year Long
(Triple Pundit, 25.03.15)

You know that feeling you get when you’ve given someone the perfect gift. You watch in anticipation as she unties the ribbon and unwraps the box. You see her face light up with joy and excitement, and you have a connection that brings you closer together. It’s these moments of connection that create harmony in the world.

“First and foremost, you have to believe what you’re saying.” —Paul Farmer

Personal Branding Digest, May 1, 2015

How to Grow Your Personal Brand on Twitter in Only 10 Minutes a Day
(Marketing Land, 17.04.15)

Here’s the situation. You’re trying to grow your personal brand, and Twitter is a necessary part of that for digital marketers. You don’t have much time. You can’t afford a social media manager. But you want to increase your brand’s value. How do you do it?

10 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand (and Why You Should)
(AlleyWatch, 15.04.15)

The term “personal brand” has become a buzzword recently. So what is it, exactly? Your personal brand is how people see you; how they’d describe you—similar to how people describe famous people or companies. It is the set of values and characteristics that describe who you are and guide your choices—in work and in life. Your personal brand is what makes you, you.

Convert Social Media Leads into Sales for Your Personal Brand
(Business2Community, 27.02.15)

In the era of online networking it is important to make meaningful connections to make your personal brand stand out.

The 5 Keys to Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand
(Entrepreneur, 27.02.15)

Personal branding on social media is a topic we’d love to dive into a bit deeper, starting with this overview of tips and strategies. I’m grateful to have found a number of useful tips on how building a personal brand can be made easier with social media. Here’s how to get started.

“I know who I am by now. And I am my own brand.” —Chloe Sevigny