From Brainerd to Brexit: Local Just Got Real

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Personal Branding Digest, April 29, 2016

5 Important Personal Branding Tips for Women in Business
(Business News Daily, 22.04.16)

If you have an online presence, you have a personal brand. Just like a corporate brand, every status update, tweet, blog post and photo you share becomes a part of your cumulative image. Anyone who views your social profiles — be it a colleague, an employer or a potential business partner — can form an opinion about you based on what’s there. That’s why so many of today’s professionals invest time in building and curating an authentic presence that highlights their best qualities.

How to Master Your Personal Brand by Thinking Like a CEO
(Forbes, 19.04.16)

While the term “personal branding” may be thrown around in work circles, do you really know what it means? Personal branding is essentially is what makes you, you. It’s everything you choose for it to be because you are the one in charge of others’ perceptions of it.

Here’s the Hierarchy of Needs Behind Personal Branding
(, 18.04.16)

Whether we realize it or not, we naturally gravitate towards certain people, products or brands that make us feel a certain way. These emotions don’t happen by chance, in fact experts say there are more underlying psychological connections that draw us in.

Your Personal Brand Is Not All About You
(Business2Community, 07.04.16)

Think personal brand and the chances are you are already thinking about how you are projecting yourself as an individual. Presidential candidate Donald Trump has done much to promote that idea that it’s all about you. As of this writing, it seems to have worked. But in most circles this is not going to go down well. It’s not about you at all, and when 54% of people don’t trust brands this should be rammed home even harder.

“Visibility without value is vanity.” —Bernard Kelvin Clive

No Place to Hide: Three Ways Brands Can Face Fearful Consumers and Embrace Radical Transparency

O Palsson

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In today’s world, citizens are plagued by the all-too-constant soundtrack of terrorism worries, mass shootings, and race and gender relations. This “age of the fearful consumer” has created a paradox, according to a new U.S. study (fielded by my parent company, Havas Worldwide): While people are looking to businesses to help solve society’s problems, they’re also fretting over the fact that corporations have more power than some countries.

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Personal Branding Digest, February 19, 2016

Personal Branding in an Instagram Age
(The Sydney Morning Herald, 11.02.16)

The word “personal brand” is thrown around a lot these days, but, if you asked most people to define it, they would probably mumble something about LinkedIn and change the subject. This is a shame, because “personal brand” actually has a very precise meaning, and one which is particularly important for people in business who want to market themselves effectively.

5 Ways to Use the ‘Trump Effect’
(Entrepreneur, 10.02.16)

Like him or not, Donald Trump is one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs. Whether it’s in the board room or the campaign trail, success leaves clues. To better understand why Trump is having the success he is and how entrepreneurs can apply similar strategies to trump their competition, I attended a recent Trump rally in New Hampshire.

Five Tips for Building Your Personal Brand and Turning It into an Asset
(StartupSmart, 22.01.16)

Building a unique brand around yourself as an individual can be an incredibly effective business and marketing asset. People like to buy from people, not some faceless organisation, and once you’ve built your reputation it’s much easier to get investors, business deals or valuable speaking engagements to promote yourself and your product.

9 Ways Publishing Content Can Help You Expand Your Personal Brand
(Business2Community, 21.01.16)

Some businesses are gun-shy about posting more controversial topics on a company blog, but writing about your opinions can absolutely establish your personal brand. Collect the ideas that are too out there for the business and use them showcase your personality, beliefs and brand in a format that promises exclusive content such as a book or e-book.

“What makes you unique makes you successful.” —William Arruda

Personal Branding Digest, January 15, 2016

Personal Brands Turn Up the Volume
(Financial Times, 14.01.16)

Donald Trump has a strong personal brand. The candyfloss comb-over and permatan are instantly recognisable. But beyond his striking looks, there is the message: reliably bombastic, it stands out from his peers.

What Great Brands Do that You Should Do for Your Personal Brand
(The Huffington Post, 12.01.16)

If we accept the idea (which I do) that as individuals we’re every bit as much a brand as an Apple, Amazon or an Oreo then in order to keep our brands healthy and vibrant and performing well, we need only to think like great brands do.

7 Steps to Improve Your Brand
(Arizona Big Media, 11.01.16)

Sales and customer service teams are changing. Rather than having people sit in cubicles for eight hours Perhaps more than in any other time in history, in 2016, your name is your brand, said Pamela J. Green, a business and branding expert.

It’s Time to Start Investing in Your Personal Brand
(Business2Community, 09.01.16)

Stop and think for a moment. What would you say is the most important thing to ensure career success? Is it your impressive range of product knowledge for your industry? Perhaps it’s your ability to grow your client’s social presence?

“Start by knowing what you want and who you are, build credibility around it and deliver it online in a compelling way.” —Krista Neher

Consumer/Lifestyle Branding Digest, December 16, 2015

What Publishers Should Learn from Brands
(MediaPost, 12.11.15)

Earlier this week I attended IIeX Forums 2015, a two-day event that brings together consumer insights professionals, market research companies and technology firms. The first day focused on behavioral marketing; the second, techniques like neuroscience and biometrics, which can measure certain behaviors that happen before the consumer is even aware of it. Attention and emotion are two types of “nonconscious behaviors” that were discussed extensively.

Make It Easy for Customers to Make Your Brand a Habit
(Business2Community, 05.12.15)

For the average person, the rise of mobile has made things easier. Traffic warnings and subway updates reach you wherever you are. Taking a high-quality picture can be as easy as lifting your arm. And cashing a check no longer means searching out a physical bank branch–and if you DO want to find a bank, mobile makes that easier, too.

How Coca-Cola Overhauled Its Marketing in 2015
(Marketing Week, 14.12.15)

Back in March this year, Coca-Cola introduced a one brand strategy where its four product variants, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life were placed under one Coca-Cola master brand instead of being marketed as separate products.

What One Direction and Trump Can Teach CMOs About the New Definition of Celebrity Branding
(Forbes, 10.12.15)

As brands seek to maintain relevance and momentum among Millennials and Gen Z, collaborating with celebrities presents opportunity and new complexity. It’s a move that requires careful consideration and the full involvement of chief marketers.

“Those who dismiss the value of PR nearly always seem to be the ones who need it most.” —David Alexander

Corporate Branding Digest, December 7, 2015

Crisis Management in the Digital World
(BizCommunity, 26.08.14)

Whether you are reading about the Volkswagen emissions scandal, #[insertgrievancehere]mustfall, or another link bait headline by Donald Trump, it becomes clear that crisis communication has changed irrevocably in the age of digital.

Crisis Management 101: Did Writing Fake Reviews Help or Hurt Bell Mobility?
(Business2Community, 05.11.15)

When things are going well for a brand on social media, the benefits are easy to measure: an uptick in sales, boom in referral traffic, increased activity on traceable links. When things are going poorly, the silence can be deafening… and difficult to track. Especially if your brand is already suffering.

3 Things Pilots Know About Crisis Management
(Fast Company, 24.11.15)

When it’s just you and your craft at 5,000 feet, what matters most is experience.

Ebay’s Spinoff of PayPal Is a Model for Crisis Management
(Forbes, 09.11.15)

Every enterprise, no matter how big, successful or skillfully managed, will eventually have to deal with a challenge that represents an existential crisis. In meeting that challenge, every flaw will be exposed and every weakness will be pounced upon by competitors. A crisis is management’s ultimate test.

“Change before you have to.” —Jack Welch

Personal Branding Digest, November 13, 2015

Aligning Your Wardrobe Style with Your Personal (and Professional) Brand
(Entrepreneur, 05.11.15)

You have a personal brand, whether you’ve defined it or not. While we know there is more to a person than how he or she looks, in reality, potential clients, colleagues and other individuals you encounter will make judgments based on your appearance.

6 Personal Branding Tips I Learned from My Mother
(The Huffington Post, 04.11.15)

From the time I was little my mother had it ingrained in me that when people did nice things, especially when they gave you gifts it was necessary to send a thank-you note and to do it as soon as possible. It was important to acknowledge that person and by doing so it would leave a good impression. Call it an early lesson in building a reputation.

Personal Branding Is Not About You
(Forbes, 29.10.15)

When I deliver a personal branding keynote, the audience often expects me to reveal the secret formula for self-promotion and help them master chest-pounding techniques. True, Donald Trump’s “me, me, me” communication style has made him a contender for the Republican presidential nomination, but his approach only exacerbates misconceptions about personal branding.

Identifying Unique Point of View Is Step One in Successful Branding
(, 14.10.15)

What is your personal point of view? I pose this question to clients when I’m working with them to build their personal brand. Whether building a corporate brand, a product brand or cultivating one’s personal brand, branding is becoming a critical component in consumers purchasing decision. This is especially true when what you’re marketing is you, and is based on factors including your skills, knowledge, experience, connectivity, ability to deliver results and charisma.

“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own.” —Bruce Lee