Lifestyle Branding Digest, June 3, 2015

Creating Insight-Driven Experiences to Build Brands
(The Huffington Post, 19.05.15)

A buzz-worthy and breakthrough ad campaign can seem like pure magic, belying the rigor behind the concept. Account planners and strategists mine the psyches of their target audiences to unearth insights that the creative team uses as the foundation to inform their ideas. However, this same kind of rigor doesn’t always extend to other marketing disciplines. When it comes to experiential marketing, many brands and agencies spent a lot of time and energy thinking through the experience they want to create and neglect to give equal weight to considering the experience their consumers want to have. Tapping insights can help architect an experience that feels like a moment of kismet, adding dimension to the brand and bringing it to life in a way no other medium can.

Interactive Ads Are Not Gimmicks but ROI Boosters
(Marketing Week, 12.05.15)

Recent ‘interactive’ poster campaigns from Birds Eye, Carlsberg and Pepsi haven’t just been gimmicks, but are part of a strategic move to get greater exposure and returns from outdoor advertising investment.

Small Business Best Practices for Generating Brand Awareness
(Small Business Trends, 08.03.15)

Small business digital marketing, and specifically display advertising, is about more than just generating immediate clicks. Marketers now have the opportunity to develop campaigns to specifically brand services and products for generating brand awareness.

Hiring for Cultural Fit at the Top
(Strategy Business, 02.01.15)

Bringing a new C-level executive on board is always fraught with risk: Any misstep can be expensive and embarrassing. As a result, companies may play it safe by looking for someone with just the right CV or perhaps a recent stint at a high-flying competitor. Who does the board like? What will the analysts think?

“On what high-performing companies should be striving to create: A great place for great people to do great work.” —Marilyn Carlson