Corporate Branding Digest, July 16, 2013

Safeguarding Brand Reputation in Social Media
(The National Law Review, 18.06.13)

Social media has changed the way businesses communicate, enabling brands to directly engage with consumers. Companies are turning increasingly to social media platforms to structure innovative and edgy marketing and promotions that often include a mix of user-generated content, text messaging, Twitter messaging, Facebook applications, blogging, viral marketing, and other social elements.

Reputation Management: Businesses Must Swallow the Bitter Pill
(The Guardian, 15.07.13)

Social media data provides companies with quicker, easier and less intrusive ways to gauge customer perceptions of their brand, but sentiment analysis is far from the finished article. Instead of attempting to score text as broadly positive or negative, businesses would be far better served to look exclusively at emotions such as disgust and anger.

Hidden Factories and Open Kitchens: Why Transparency Underpins Corporate Reputation
(Forbes, 25.04.13)

A fertilizer plant blows up, killing at least 14 people who were unaware, along with regulators, that the facility stored vast quantities of explosive material. A fast-food chicken chain invites everyone to take impromptu walkthrough tours of any of its outlet kitchens. These two recent events illustrate the extremes of corporate transparency (both companies are privately held), and why it needs to be central to our conception of corporate reputation.

Corporate Branding and Jokes About the Voice
(Business Review USA, 08.07.13)

Jeff Barrett, CEO of Status Creative, breaks down four easy steps to corporate branding and makes a few jokes along the way: There are far more constants in communications than there are variables over time. Branding has been and still is about identifying a market, creating a unique brand proposition and communicating that to a target audience in a timely, relevant and engaging fashion. It is positioning, communication and motivation.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” —Jeff Bezos