Consumer/Lifestyle Branding Digest, January 27, 2016

Have a Coke and a Smile and Some Product-Centric Marketing
(Ad Age, 26.01.16)

It says a lot about the state of the industry that it’s major news when a giant brand announces it’s going to do a product-centric campaign.

Informed Customer Understanding Should Guide Marketing
(Customer Think, 26.01.16)

As many CMOs are finding, the complexity of the new global digital economy brings on many challenges. With some challenges easy to define and some not so easy to clarify. One thing that is clear is the dynamics of markets, customers, and sellers continue to unfold in new ways. Bringing forth new behaviors related to choices and decisions.

5 Ways to Build a Culture of Listening and Boost Your Reputation
(Search Engine Journal, 06.12.15)

The line between customer service and business promotion is blurring. Almost every channel you could use in order to talk about your business can be flipped around, allowing consumers to talk to you or about you. And that means anyone working in SEO or online marketing needs to know at least a little bit about customer service.

How (and Why) Marketing Tech Fails to Deliver on Its Promise
(CIO, 20.08.14)

Marketing technology promises to dramatically reduce wasted ad-spending and help marketers directly reach consumers with meaningful messages. Unfortunately, it hasn’t delivered on that promise, and some marketing experts wonder if it ever will.

“Marketing amplifies—if your brand is amazing or crap, marketing will amplify that; think about that before you ‘drive traffic.’” —Wil Reynolds

Corporate Branding Digest, December 7, 2015

Crisis Management in the Digital World
(BizCommunity, 26.08.14)

Whether you are reading about the Volkswagen emissions scandal, #[insertgrievancehere]mustfall, or another link bait headline by Donald Trump, it becomes clear that crisis communication has changed irrevocably in the age of digital.

Crisis Management 101: Did Writing Fake Reviews Help or Hurt Bell Mobility?
(Business2Community, 05.11.15)

When things are going well for a brand on social media, the benefits are easy to measure: an uptick in sales, boom in referral traffic, increased activity on traceable links. When things are going poorly, the silence can be deafening… and difficult to track. Especially if your brand is already suffering.

3 Things Pilots Know About Crisis Management
(Fast Company, 24.11.15)

When it’s just you and your craft at 5,000 feet, what matters most is experience.

Ebay’s Spinoff of PayPal Is a Model for Crisis Management
(Forbes, 09.11.15)

Every enterprise, no matter how big, successful or skillfully managed, will eventually have to deal with a challenge that represents an existential crisis. In meeting that challenge, every flaw will be exposed and every weakness will be pounced upon by competitors. A crisis is management’s ultimate test.

“Change before you have to.” —Jack Welch

Personal Branding Digest, September 11, 2015

7 Haute Tips to Make Your Personal Brand Soar
(Haute Living, 01.09.15)

“Keeping up with the Joneses” was a show that originated in the early 1920s. Fast forward generations later and we are literally “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Comparing what we have with celebrities is superfluous at the best of times, but we do it nonetheless. We buy what they have, wear what they wear, date similar people to whom they date, in essence we have aligned ourselves with what these people represents and who we would perhaps like to be.

Personal Branding: A Must for the College-Bound, CEO and Everyone in Between
(The Huffington Post, 26.08.15)

Personal branding isn’t just for college students angling to enter the workforce. Rather, personal branding is a lifelong effort, one that’s constantly evolving and requires regular maintenance. Our individual brands define who we are in the workforce — they guide our career paths and have an indelible impact on our financial future. In short, they’re one of the most important aspects of professional life.

Attract Website Visitors for Your Personal Brand Through Social Media
(Business2Community, 25.07.15)

A successful traffic generation strategy for your website is done with a combination of great optimization, content, and a solid social media marketing strategy. The new rules of SEO don’t need to be a hindrance to attracting more visitors as using this powerful online tool helps your brand connect with your audience.

You’re Branding Yourself All Wrong
(Forbes, 12.06.15)

Peter: Nice to meet you both! This is good. I really want to get your advice on my branding. I’m in a career change.

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” —Socrates

Corporate Branding Digest, April 6, 2015

How PR Is Seizing the Advantage in Content Marketing
(The Drum, 18.03.15)

Over the past decade, as the internet has decimated circulations and ad revenues, publishers have both cut back on journalists and resources and come to rely more on PR to fill space with stories. (And interestingly, there has been a steady, decade-long drift of experienced hacks over to the ‘dark side’, tempted by better wages and prospects; magazines and newspapers’ losses have been PR’s gains).

You Have to Be Fast to Be Seen as a Great Leader
(Harvard Business Review, 26.02.15)

It’s obvious that business is moving faster and faster and that to keep up, leaders at all levels need to know how to pick up the pace.

What CMOs Can Learn from Fallen Journalists
(Forbes, 19.02.15)

What a week it was for journalists. Noted New York Times media columnist and luminary David Carr passed away. Arnaud de Borchgrave, former Washington Times editor in chief and celebrated foreign correspondent, passed on February 15. CBS correspondent Bob Simon perished in a car crash. Brian Williams’ credibility continues its downward spiral as people question his spurious claims about a helicopter skirmish in Iraq and other reports. And those who consider comedian and filmmaker Jon Stewart a journalist are lamenting his resignation as The Daily Show host.

3 Tips for Building Your Brand by Giving Away Images
(Entrepreneur, 03.12.14)

Building up a solid resource of free images online is a great way to create an effective digital asset that will keep driving traffic and references to your site.

“Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms.” —Simon Mainwaring