The Intern Diaries, Part V

Posted on July 28, 2010 by DeAnne Bradley

It seems as if I just started last week, but it’s finally time to conclude my internship at Euro RSCG Worldwide PR. We’ve given our final presentations and learned so much. Most important, we’ve established great relationships with our colleagues, fellow interns and account executives alike.

Euro RSCG has provided me an even larger network than I already had. I can hold my own next to many entry-level applicants in the job market and have used my passion for networking (internally and externally).

I recognize there is no “right person” to know your name and/or brand. Every person is the right person, so be sure not to overlook anyone or burn any bridges. While interning at Euro RSCG, we learned that everyone is important, from those we met at our “Lunch ‘N Learns” to the top executives we had close interactions with.

So far, I’ve done everything from writing key messages and drafting press releases to having dinner with Wyclef Jean and spending the day barbecuing at Marian Salzman’s house. We’ve presented new-business ideas and assisted in implementing those already developed. I even helped place one of my high school acquaintances in a campaign for one of our clients alongside celebrities.

The same way many people in the military call those out of the military “civilians,” I’ve found myself calling people “consumer” from time to time. I’ve compiled what feels like a million media lists, therefore Cision Point and I have managed to become inseparable.

I’ll never look at a magazine the same way thanks to media stalking monitoring. I’ve opened my eyes to a new world in social media and have since tweeted my life away. I’ve met amazing people and have worked on exciting projects for clients such as Yéle Haiti and agency initiatives like The Sisterhood. My mind has been stimulated and has received professional nourishment.

As this is my first internship in the corporate world, in no way does it compare with any of my previous intern experiences. Nonetheless, it has been more than an eye opener into my field. I plan to take everything I’ve learned here at Euro and use it on my journey in life both personally and professionally.

In previous Intern Diaries posts, I encouraged people to brand themselves and follow their mental yellow brick road. I plan to do this as well. I hope my experience at Euro RSCG has inspired people to step it up in whatever field they are in, whether intern or SVP. We need the industry, so make the industry need you.

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