Tinkering: The Übertrend of 2014

Posted on January 2, 2014 by Havas PR

Happy New Year from Havas PR North America, which is forecasting 12 months filled with tinkering and hacking. As people struggle to deal with a whole stack of problems—from economic woes to environmental crises—somewhere out there, some smart people will be tinkering quietly with each one or boldly challenging the status quo. That from our agency’s annual trends report, available by download at us.havaspr.com. Among Havas PR’s other predictions are “the millennial habit of toiling whenever and wherever,” as agency CEO Marian Salzman told The Star-Ledger on New Year’s Day. “The idea that the working day must correlate with a morning-to-evening schedule will be less of a certainty.… Instead, expect employees to log hours ‘when it’s good for them and the business.’”

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