Top 10 Headlines Havas PR Crafted in 2017

Posted on January 4, 2018 by Havas PR

Havas PR 2017 headlinesIn 2017, Havas PR saw a massive opportunity to go way beyond the old practice of merely pitching existing news. Instead, we crafted the news. That meant spotting trends and keeping up with what was developing in pop culture, then using those insights to put out routine news in more compelling ways, create opportunities and coattail on relevant breaking news. We do this both for our clients and our agency.

Here are 10 of the biggest headlines we crafted for the agency in 2017:

  1. WSJ Live (Jan. 3, 2017): Sexism, Vegetarianism, Tech Backlash: Trends in 2017

  2. BBC (Jan. 4, 2017): What Are We Going to Be Buying in 2017?

  3. CNN (Feb. 7, 2017): The Pros and Cons of Trump’s Twitter Style

  4. Inc (March 30, 2017): 5 Steps to Becoming An Expert Communicator

  5. The Tennessean (March 30, 2017): How Agility Can Help Nashville’s Growing Pains

  6. The New York Times (April 8, 2017): Sleep Is the New Status Symbol

  7. New York Post (April 10, 2017): Millennials Are in Love with Botox

  8. PRWeek (May 19, 2017): Are In-House Firms Doomed after the Pepsi-Kendall Jenner Ad?

  9. Associated Press (July 10, 2017): Under the Covers: Sleep Technology Explodes

  10. MarketWatch (Sept. 22, 2017): More Parents Are Raising Children without Traditional Gender Roles

Explore how to craft the news with an eye to the future here.

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