September 4, 2018

Top-of-Mind Tuesday: 3 Things We’re into Now

by William Turner in News

Today marks the launch of our weekly ‘Top-of-Mind Tuesday’ blog series. Some weeks you’ll find a crowdsourced list of stuff our staff is pondering and learning and falling in love with, and other times our top-of-mind list will come from one particular Havas PR staffer or fit into a single theme. This week, Linda Descano, our executive vice president, gets us started with what’s top of mind for her.

The RFK TapesPodcast I’m listening to… Just finished binge-listening to The RFK Tapes podcast from the creators of Crimetown, which takes a new look at the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. It was simply absorbing.

What I’m learning… While I’ve been out of school for many years, I still look at September as the start of my “new learning year.” So, to feed that, I’ve been reading about ways to boost my learning capacity and effectiveness. Two articles that really spoke to me are “Three hacks to help your brain learn stuff faster” (Fast Company) and Just 10 minutes of this activity boosts brainpower (Inc.). I also found a productivity self-assessment tool published on to be super helpful!

Drinking cocktailsWhat I’m pondering… Recent coverage by The New York Times and others of a new paper published in The Lancet that claims to be the new definitive study on the benefits and dangers of drinking alcohol, which concluded that any amount of alcohol is unsafe. The reality is much less newsy and more measured. What fascinates me is that we hear every day in the world of comms that “context matters,” and yet most of the coverage didn’t contextualize the findings, which would have indicated much, much less risk.

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