September 18, 2018

Top-of-Mind Tuesday: A Badass Book About Money and a Podcast About Turning 30

by William Turner in News

Welcome to our weekly ‘Top-of-Mind Tuesday’ blog series. Some weeks you’ll find a crowdsourced list of assorted stuff our staff is pondering and learning and falling in love with, and other times our top-of-mind list will fit into a single theme or come from one particular Havas PR staffer. This week, Janice Vega, a Havas PR senior account executive in our Phoenix office, told us what she’s been into lately.

Book I’m reading… “You are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth” by Jen Sincero is an insightful, funny—and I’d even say necessary—read for anyone, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Sincero explores the concept of financial abundance and how cultivating it truly is an inside job. We’re raised to have certain beliefs about money in this society that can be very limiting to bringing it into our lives. Ideas like money is the root of all evil and the notion of the starving artist have real impact—and you’d be surprised how much we subconsciously subscribe to these thoughts! The goal of her book is to re-wire those beliefs into more positive ones that allow for abundance. The best part is that it doesn’t just preach; it requires you to act. Each chapter offers an exercise that not only forces you to examine your own beliefs about money, but helps you start the re-wiring process.

A podcast I’m bingeing on… I’m a true podcast junkie, and one of my latest obsessions is The Almost 30 Podcast. Inspired by co-hosts Krista Williams’ and Lindsey Simcik’s transition from their twenties into their thirties, the podcast features various guests who cover a multitude of topics. Entrepreneurship, health, finance, spirituality. You name it. It’s a gold-mine of information and inspiration that hits the nail on the head regarding what’s on the brain of the average millennial woman embarking on her thirties.