Vitaminwater Jessie J Live in London

[Agency: Cake New York]

Challenge: How do you make an event happening in one market valuable and useful to consumers in many global markets around the world? How do you tie a major pop star brand ambassador together with the Olympics and have the story make sense? How do you cut through the clutter when you’re a small brand, with low awareness in a sea of Olympic sponsors?

Actions: We aimed to celebrate the social side of the London Olympics with the ultimate after-party during the games, hosted by vitaminwater, that brought fans (18- to 24-year-old consumers) of Jessie J up-close-and-personal access. We sourced the majority of the audience from Jessie’s fan base and digital/social interaction, then announced the event in many markets; the celebrities and athletes who attended help deliver more coverage worldwide. Our agency did digital and social outreach, wrote content and posted images and videos, coordinated a live chat online, developed live Twitter and Foursquare activations to enhance sharing, and created and distributed 30- and 60-minute music specials (spending no media money) to MTV globally and some independent broadcasters.

Results: The party got more than 60 million online impressions and more than 20 million impressions on social media. About 15,000 viewers participated in Jessie J’s live chat and there were 3,200 branded interactions during the event. The branded TV special that we created from the after-party (plus editorial footage of Jessie J’s “guide to London”) ran in 55 global markets.