Consumer and lifestyle
Breaking new ground with highly creative and integrated ideas, we develop launch concepts and implement high-impact media relations to build, maintain and grow brands
Corporate and reputation management
Devising outcome-focused strategies across numerous industries, we implement expertise in reputation management, crisis and issues management
Technology and ecommerce
Facilitating innovation and establishing sector credibility, we communicate the value technology brings to businesses, community and the wider industry
Health and wellness
Working across pharmaceuticals, consumer health, science and health technology, we use our specialist health and wellness expertise to increase health understanding, empathy, care and outcomes
Government and cause
Creating strategic campaigns and raising public awareness, we deliver quantifiable results across stakeholder engagement programs, recruitment drives, and reputation management
Travel and tourism
Covering ground from destination marketing to innovative travel products, our experienced travel and tourism team develops engaging campaigns that bring to life the travel experience
Automotive and mobility
Driving brands-on-wheels further and taking brands-in-flight higher, we’re the agency group that some of the world’s top automotive and mobility companies count on to propel results
Issues and crisis management
Communicating effectively during difficult times is crucial: We work with clients to develop an issues-management plan and comms framework, and if a crisis occurs, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and monitor it digitally in real time

What we do?

Media relations
The go-to agency group for meaningful earned conversations, we excel at making our clients be the news. We know the who, how and why for getting their names in print and on screens in global, national and local media and the trades that matter. Through our dedicated media relations departments, we create stories worth telling. Our departments work to be “in and of newsmaking”—meaning we use our vast experience to connect with the right outlets to generate news based on research, trendspotting and other analysis we’re undertaking at the Havas PR Global Collective.
Social and digital media
We have fully immersed ourselves within the content and social space, proven through the many recognized campaigns that are social-by-design within our portfolio of work
Content production and marketing
Our team includes top content producers, designers and strategists, ensuring that artful storytelling and savvy distribution of content is part of every campaign
Stakeholder relations
We work in partnership with our clients to understand their stakeholders and help shape a communications program to reach them. Effective stakeholder relations management is about communicating and influencing attitudes, decisions and behavior. It is also about listening to other opinions and points of view, so that we can better understand particular stakeholders, perhaps find common ground and positions, and/or simply open a new dialogue.
Brand marketing
We understand how quickly trends change, and the importance of capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience in this fast-moving world. We have extensive experience in creating word-of-mouth activities that share and amplify a brand’s story in the most engaging and authentic way possible.
Data and predictive analytics
An emerging leader in interpreting and applying big data to public relations and social campaigns, we can help our clients make sense of data in more meaningful ways