Finding Your True North: Emirates

The Challenge

Research showed that Australian travelers perceived Emirates as an airline that was too premium, uptight and impersonal, with limited destinations and appeal. As a result, local carriers dominated the Australian market in sales and consideration. Our challenge was to build brand equity and increase consideration with Australian travelers. We needed to break the norms of traditional airline communications and allow travellers to connect with Emirates in a uniquely personal and emotional way. Emirates also wanted to be perceived as more than an airline—rather, a facilitator for discovery and experience.

Finding Your True North: Emirates

The Solution

Music was the passion and strategic platform we needed, breaking the category norms as our communication hero—a global language of people. Rather than the airline dictating the desired destination(s) to the consumer, we wanted Emirates’ travelers to let their passions choose their next destination through the power of their own music taste. To make this a reality we created the world’s first musical algorithm that analyzed an individual’s musical data to curate a personalized Emirates destination experience. We called the campaign “Find your True North,” partnering with Spotify to bring our concept to life. We built a landing page that instantly ingested an individual’s Spotify data to recommend a specific city with matching musical attributes. We invested in YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to find our musical, wanderlust Aussie audience. Industry and travel publications amplified our content, followed by campaign targeting travel influencers across YouTube.

The Results

With just three months of activity, the campaign allowed Emirates to build brand equity by becoming more authentic and personal: An increase in brand familiarity was reflected by a 271 percent lift in ad recall, and 42 percent of customers exposed to the content said that it improved their perception of Emirates.
The campaign lead to an additional 1,397 flights searched and 56 confirmed tickets (DCM results), making this one of the most cost-efficient CPA campaigns to-date
The landing page earned 22,989,350 site impressions, 118,377 unique clicks to site, an average dwell time of 3.2 minutes, 889,522 social engagements, 142 comments and an earned media value of $250,000.
Through the campaign, Emirates discovered a new audience: Older-Affluent (Country Music Lovers), ultimately changing the way it now looks at its customers—evaluating their passion points first rather than demographics.