Red Sky Predictions

From Red Havas, the global Merged Media micro-network, the annual Red Sky Predictions report, which takes a look at the 10 global trends that will shape the integrated communications and PR landscape over the next year and beyond.

From technology-led trends, such as our increasing reliance on cognitive communications and how data can do good, to concerns about post-truth politics and the fight against sport-washing, the report analyzes communication challenges and opportunities around the world.

Meaningful Brands

Seventy-seven percent of brands could disappear and no one would care. That’s just one of the sobering stats in Havas Group’s 2019 Meaningful Brands® Study that should alarm marketers and advertisers alike.

The far-reaching, global study, created by Havas Group in 2008 and which looks at 1,800 brands in 31 markets with 350,000 respondents, links brand performance to our quality of life and well-being.

Havas Meaningful Brands 2019

Prosumer Reports

Prosumer Reports are a series of thought leadership publications by Havas—part of a global initiative to share information and insights, including our own proprietary research, across the Havas network and client companies.

Havas Prosumer Reports