Red Sky Predictions

The annual Red Sky Predictions Report from leading Australian communications group, Red Agency. In partnership with YouGov Galaxy, the report uncovers truths and trends about consumer behaviours.

2019 is the year where things get personal. From DNA marketing being put under the microscope to a new phase in the drive for gender equality, the report looks at changes in consumer mindsets as well as those who influence the world we live in today.

Havas Red Sky Predictions 2019

Meaningful Brands

Seventy-seven percent of brands could disappear and no one would care. That’s just one of the sobering stats in Havas Group’s 2019 Meaningful Brands® Study that should alarm marketers and advertisers alike.

The far-reaching, global study, created by Havas Group in 2008 and which looks at 1,800 brands in 31 markets with 350,000 respondents, links brand performance to our quality of life and well-being.

Havas Meaningful Brands 2019

Prosumer Reports

Prosumer Reports are a series of thought leadership publications by Havas—part of a global initiative to share information and insights, including our own proprietary research, across the Havas network and client companies.

Havas Prosumer Reports